Ion Charge review

Ion Charge is an arcade puzzler about moving an ion using positive and negative forces. It is played in portrait mode with a slider at the bottom. If you slide it right you will get a blue positive charge, and if you slide it right you will get a red negative charge. Depending on the distance to the electrical towers scattered around the levels the ion either gets attracted or repelled.

Ion Charge can be played with one hand, this is something the developer hammers home on the App Store page. And I agree that it is good to have one-handed gameplay as I often have something to carry when out walking.

img_0839The aim of the game is to pick up all the chips found in a level, and exit the levels as quickly as possible. By using level select you can go back and replay the 15 levels to beat your last time.

Ion Charge has got a retro vibe to it both concerning graphics, and the sparse sound effects. I think the graphics are ok, but would benefit from a bit of polish. You can play your own music while keeping the sound effects, which is good as the game lacks music.

The problem I have with Ion Charge is that the game play can be really slow and imprecise. It might be me who after a month still don’t get the controls but I doubt it. I have learnt that charging fully isn’t the best way to control it, rather small jerky charge inputs gives a better degree of control. I still feel that I am not fully in control, as I only control power and not the actual ion. When you need precise movement the game gets really slow, and I have often found myself quitting instead of giving it another go.

img_0833The game has only got 15 levels, and local leaderboards. No story progression, no achievements or unlockables. Still you will have some hours of game time to beat the 15 levels, and it is definately worth a buck.

Still Ion Charge has some quite unique game mechanics worth checking out. There is a lite version available to try before you buy.

Final Rating


Ion Charge $0.99

Ion Charge Lite


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