Infinity Blade 2 preview – part 3: Fighting Style

In this third preview of Infinity Blade 2, we look at the new fighting styles awaiting you come December 1st…

Infinity Blade 2 builds upon the success of the first game in every aspect. One of these key areas is combat. The first game featured a ton of weapon combinations to be unlocked or purchased with gold. IB 2 is no different, but this time it offers up two alternative ways to wield weapons.

Classic Sword and Shield style

This classic fighting style, available in the first game, makes a welcome return, giving you a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. This is the most balanced style, giving you a happy medium between attack and defense. It may not be very powerful or lightning quick, but the sword is probably the easiest to get the hang of to unleash both attacks and parrying enemy return attacks. The added shield gives you an extra element of protection, allowing for strong defense of incoming attacks from the front and above, while left and right dodging ability is available to avoid attacks from either side.

The super attack returns. As you land successive blows your super attack icon powers up, and when full you can unleash an almighty combination by stabbing at hotspots that appear on the enemy.


Two-handed style

(Yeah yeah, this does sound rude)

This weapon type is too heavy to wield with one arm, and so requires two hands in battle. It’s far more powerful than the other weapons – and is my personal favourite – but it forgoes the shield in return for a block option for both forward, and left to right enemy attacks, and a stronger parry than the other weapon styles. Its extra weight means dodging maneuvers are not available. When powered up, your super attack brings up swipe directions for you to follow for maximum impact. Miss-time these and your combos will be weaker.


Dual-wield style

This badass style sees you carrying two identical weapons in both hands. It benefits from the added power of two blades, and their lighter weight allows for faster and more frequent attacks. Once again their is no shield available, and no blocking, but you gain a ducking maneuver to the standard side-to-side dodge. The dual-wield super attack is similar to the sword and shield, with you tapping weak spots on the enemy in slow mo. Only this time there are more of them and they appear much faster.


For all weapons is the crafting ability. It allows you to attach gems to compatible weapons. These gems can add such abilities as extra XP, gold pickup, and elemental damage (like fire and ice), as well as poison attacks.

Check out the video below, highlighting the three fighting styles over three epic battles:

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  • anon_shadow

    part 3!!!!
    u guys really seem to be excited about this game!! lolzzz