Infected Mushroom – Smashing the Opponent review

I am not really a raver anymore, and quite frankly I never used to be one either. But had I been one Infected Mushroom had been my number one pick to rave the nights away to. I used to listen to their early compilation tracks, and dream away. A band combining progressive trance with guitars got my attention right away. Now ten years later Infected Mushroom is still a trance band but with more dance and rock influences making them more accessible.

Smashing the Opponent is a game that lets you sample tracks from most of their albums, and visited styles throughout their progression as a band. There are even unreleased tracks within the game making it fresh even for those who have listened extensively to their released albums.

img_0080Smashing the Opponent is a FPS, Firs Person Smasher, where you get to pummel all sorts of trippy creatures. Ranging from blue trolls to cave stick men to creepy Santas. You run around collecting mushrooms to refill your health, as well as adding to your score. There is a set number of creatures to smash each level, and once you do you progress to the next. Each level introduces a new enemy or boss that you have to smash. It is quite an easy game since there is no time limit, and once you start running out of health you can start collecting mushrooms at your own pace.

img_0077Smashing the Opponent is more about immersing yourself in the music of Infected Mushroom than having a great story or goal. If you enjoy the music the game is really a must buy, as you both get to listen to new and old Infected Mushroom tracks as well as smash trolls.

Presentation & Graphics

img_0075Smashing the Opponent looks really good, and the level of polish really surprised me as promotional games tend to be a bit bland. Just look at Eminem Relapse for the iPhone, or please don’t.

The game flows smoothly, and you run around among mushrooms and opponents. The enemies aren’t animated, and it feels like a bit of a flaw having jumping cardboard cut-outs to smash. Still they look great, especially the dwarfs and huge bosses.



img_0076If you love the music Infected Mushroom produce, you will love this game. There are some killer tracks here, and my favourite is the game title track featuring Korn singer Jonathan Davis. There are some small flaws though, and the main one being that there are some slower softer tracks that don’t really feel like tracks to smash goblins to. The other problem is that the game doesn’t pause the music when you pause the game meaning that if you take a five minute break the song is over, and all you have left are the sound effects. Sound effects are ok, but I would like some meatier thuds when you smash a monster.


The controls are really good and responsive. Unlike most attempts at FPS games so far Smashing the Opponent doesn’t bother with any kind of look around up and down functionality. It only gives you a digital pad to run forwards, backwards and turn left and right. It is not sensitive as most digital pads usually are where once your finger glides off the control pad the character stops. In Smashing the Opponent it remembers where you had your thumb initially, and lets you glide around large areas outside the digital pad, great.

You bash away by touching the melee weapon, or shoot by touching the limited ammo shotgun. You also have mushroom bomb that once selected has to be thrown to avoid it exploding in your face.

The game itself is just a button masher, and it gets repetitive far too soon. You have a set number of opponents to smash and once that number is over 50 it gets boring, at 100 it is a pain to play it. Thankfully you have the music to keep you going through those hard times.


There are only two levels to unlock, apart from that the game has little to offer in terms of game life. I would have liked to have unlockable lyrics, tracks or track information. You have local high scores, but who cares about those? The game doesn’t save your progress which is really negative when you want to go for the big scores, that comes from playing long sessions.

Game Rating


Smashing the Opponent is a really polished title with good controls lacking in variety and game life. If you are a fan of Infected Mushroom you should consider this a must buy, if you are new to their music preview some of their tracks on iTunes to see if it is your cup of tea. Now go smash some opponents in this first person smasher!

Smashing the Opponent $2.99

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  • STP_Tim

    Going to see them in a couple weeks with some friends, will check this one out.