Indie highlight: Createrria by Incuvo

Play with games

We’re still playing around with the many games presented to us during Gamescom. Createrria was one of those titles that stuck in our minds for a long time. Under the motto “craft your games”, Createrria skillfully packages a game with a genuine game-creation environment, without complicating things. After completing the 28 challenges in the Create¬†segment of the game, you’ll truly understand how platform games are made, without ¬†breaking a sweat. All of the challenges are focused on the placement of assets, after which you can test-run the game. It makes for a great introduction to game design, while challenging the player just enough to have a blast along the way. And completing the challenges is just the beginning, as there is so much more!

A lot to play with…

Under the Play section, you’ll encounter the countless creations of avid Createrria users, predominantly from Canada and Australia where the game is out (other regions to follow). Without a doubt, some creations suggest the user should really get into game design, because there are impressive levels out there. This is where Createrria really shines: despite a modest set of tools to work with, users can make about whatever they imagine. Entire cities and digital landmarks have been created with the building blocks Createrria has to offer and following the success of games like Mindcraft, you can imagine the potential of such an app.

…and even more to create

Creating a game starts with the selection of a theme and there are four to choose from. Different themes have different assets and all themes can be fitted with a different type of game. At the moment, Createrria is focused on platformers and slingshot games, very much in the style of Angry Birds. Level types are purchased with in-game coins and if your game is popular these coins are returned in no time at all. Whenever you’re short on coins, you can play other games or dive into the creation challenges, which is fun and never intrusive or close to grinding. In fact, Createrria never once approaches that sweet spot where the player feels he or she should really pay up to continue, which is great.

Huge potential

Createrria offers ground for aspiring developers, as well as a great set of tools for educational purposes. The games that can be made are wholesome, family-based slices of fun, yet bring certain valuable lessons to children and parents alike to the screen. Along the way, you’ll start to understand development terminology like snapping to a grid and the careful placement of blocks, power-ups or usage of physics. Creating a level really is a form of art which needs practice and discipline but once other users are enjoying your games it brings a feeling of pride and accomplishment. The developers behind Createrria have created something special here and hopefully more users will discover its potential and start building on a large scale.

Once Createrria hits the other regions, we’ll review the game and share our home-made levels with the world. In the meantime, we’re happy to announce that the game is indeed coming to more regions soon and hopefully to other platforms as well (Android maybe?).


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