Inbetween Land HD review

If I had to become a ghost I would hate to become bright yellow, or pink.

Hidden object games, or HOGs are quite common in the G5 library. The range goes from quirky adventures such as the brilliant Mushroom Age to attempts at creating something a bit closer to reality such as Special Enquiry Detail. Inbetween Land falls somewhere in the middle, and reminds me quite a bit of Nightmares from the Deep. A graphic style tries to keep the game realistic, while the subject matter is quite out of this world.

Travelling in pursuit of your friend Mary you manage to more or less stumble through time, space and causality. There are not that many characters about when you walk around, and the ones you meet are generally in ghost form.

There are some hidden object scenes early on in the game, but the further you get the more these are replaced by various puzzle. That is actually a shame since the hidden object scenes are well made, and you need not only to find stuff but also put it to use. The puzzles are good, but somehow they feel a bit out of place. Lights out, Pipes, Blocked In and shuffle item puzzles are all here. Depending on the level of difficulty you might actually get completely stuck on one of them.

There are three levels of difficulty ranging from casual with hints to hard without hints at all. Personally I prefer to play on casual or normal to be< able to get help in direction when lost. You can usually move quite freely between five to six rooms, and finding the puzzle pieces is often half the puzzle.

The presentation is murky, and tries to go for a mysterious atmos. It succeeds for the most part, but the ghosts showing up from time to time tend to spoil it due to being brightly coloured in a weird way. Furthermore the voice acting is a bit stiff, and detracts more than it adds.

Inbetween Land is a quite short game, especially if you skip some of the puzzles. It can be beat within a couple of hours, which is not unusual for the genre. I did enjoy the time I spent with the game, and especially walking around the desolate alien areas reminded me of Myst.

Inbetween Land is no revolution to the genre, but rather showcases a strong mix of hidden object gameplay, puzzles and adventure.It does lack the fun story found in more refined hidden object games from the G5 library.

Final Rating


Inbetween Land HD Free + $4.99 iAP to unlock full

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  • Diane gonzalez