Implode! review

A game about blowing things up really appeals to me. Implode! is all about just that, actually there is nothing else but blowing up things in Implode!
You get a structure that you have to take down using as few sticks of dynamite as possible. Two different touch based control option are available. The one that works lets you drag dynamite into position, and the one that doesn’t work lets you tap to place the dynamite. Tapping too close to another stick of dynamite removes the previously placed stick, and this makes the method slow and cumbersome. Just dragging into position gives you a zoomed in view of the target area letting you place the dynamite with precision. Once you are satisfied you just press the plunger to set off the explosives.

img_0704To complete a level you have to make sure that all of the debris fall below a dotted line. In harder levels you also get buildings that debris can’t hit. Failing to do so brings the soon too common game over sign. Retry is always an option.
The graphics are really simple, and there is not much sound going on in the game. It is all drawn with chalk, and after a while I get bored with it.  Music comes in the form of ambient construction site sounds. You can play your own music, and keep the sound effects which I like.

Physics in Implode! is a bit hit n miss with a general feeling of materials being to light. Not even the solid pieces feel heavy when falling down onto other pieces. It is consistent though making it easier to predict how the materials will fall. img_0705There are only two different explosives in the game, and quite frankly I would have thought that by now we had more creative ways to tear down buildings. All placed explosives go off at the same time, and some sort of timed explosives would be cool. At least it would be closer to real life demolitions.

Implode! comes with 60 levels that are graded from D to A+ that takes an hour or two to breeze through. To gain the coveted A+ grade for all levels you have to spend quite a lot of time with it. Online leaderboards let you see how well you stack up as a demolition expert versus the world.

img_0715Implode! is a nice game with simple gameplay that is easy to get into. You get content well worth the 2 bucks it demands from your wallet. A definite lack of personality, colour and realistic physics lowers the final rating somewhat. I still find Implode! to be a nice little casual demolition game that is easy to recommend.

Final Rating


Implode! $1.99

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    i like games like these where you have to think to win.