iKit NuCharge 1900mAh Battery Pack iPhone 5S / 5 review

Power, I need more power to control the world…or at least to play Candy Crush Saga until I get home tonight.

One of the most important aspects of our modern world is having enough juice for your device. There are a lot of different solutions to the problem: external batteries such as the SwitchEasy Tank, and battery cases such as the Mophie products. The iKit NuCharge is a battery case packing 1900 mAh, which is enough to double the juice for your iPhone 5/5S. What sets it apart from most other battery cases like for example the Mophie Helium is the design, and more versatile features. The most striking feature being that the lower part of the iPhone is open giving you the chance to use a VGA-adapter without removing the phone from the case. This is something I sorely missed when using other cases where the case encapsulates the lightning connector.

The NuCharge is basically a clear plastic hardshell with an external battery on the back. As the battery can be removed, and replaced with a slim back cover you can opt to use the battery much in the same way as an external battery. The great thing with this is that you can have a slimmer case for most of the day, and then hook up the battery when needed. Simply brilliant in my opinion, and the interchangeable back cover has a great look to it.

Another great aspect is that you are able to speedily charge both the phone and the case, as both can be charged simultaneously with separate cables. The standard lightning for the phone, and a standard micro-USB for the case. This doubles the charging speed. You can also opt to charge both the phone, and the battery using a single micro-USB hooked to the case with the case hooked to the phone.

All functions of the phone are preserved in the case, and you even get some extra by having a stand function integrated in the back of the case. Something that is a bit of a downer is that the case is quite slippery. The rounded back reminding of the iPhone 3G is a bit of nostalgia trip, but also further enhances the risk of the case gliding off surfaces.

For protection it is a bit limited, as only the back and sides are covered. Furthermore the added weight means that it will hit the ground with more force if dropped. I recommend using a screen protector to give it some extra protection.

1900 mAh is a great boost, and the case has led indicators showing the charge left. A power button for the case means that you can get the extra power when you need it. It doesn’t automatically switch on, which is also a great feature, as you won’t accidentally drain the battery.

The iKit NuCharge is a great addition to the battery case segment with a lot of fresh design ideas. The key word to this case is versatility, and you can have it adapted to how you want to use your phone.

Final Rating


iKit NuCharge at $73.99

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  • jeffyg3

    Just saw a video review of this case not too long ago. This thing looks awesome, it’s the first battery kit I actually want to buy, mainly for the fact I can detach the battery pack and have a real thin case on the iPhone and the charger connection isn’t permenantly latched on to make the phone wider which is the most annoying thing about other battery cases.

    Finally, a good battery case for the iPhone. I’ll definitely pick this one up when I upgrade my iPhone 4.