iEscaper!2 -Escape from Castle of the Doom- review

The life of a ninja is not about taking it easy, and just sit around enjoying a calm game of chess. Just when the ninja got back from his antics in his enemy ninja’s lair he had to venture into castle of the doom. The reward is much greater though with a “crystal of dragon” waiting at the heart of the castle. The ninja sneaks in through a dried out well just to find himself locked inside the basement. A couple of skeletons tell a tale of woe down here, and you have no intention of ending up a dried shell of a ninja.

img_0450iEscaper!2 –Escape from Castle of the Doom- plays exactly as the first game in the series. You have to find clues, and objects to solve puzzles blocking your path. Puzzles are varied ranging form shaking your iPhone/iPod Touch to solving a lights out tile puzzle. Most of the time is spent trying to find that elusive object or clue needed to progress. Finding the puzzles is usually the easy part, but getting to solve them can at times take time. All objects found end up in your inventory, and stays as long as they are still useful. Objects within the inventory can be combined, examined and equipped. It is important to always have the correct object equipped when searching the Castle of the Doom as you might find something you haven’t understood the clue for.

img_0454The presentation is still really good with hi resolution graphics. The music is ambient Asian themes, and sadly you can’t play your own music at all. This was something I wanted for the first game as well. The only option found is to set the volume of the game.

The locations are larger, and less focused on rooms than the previous iEscaper! Instead it feels like you get a castle to explore once you are out of the basement. I preferred level design focusing on one room at a time as it made the original much more intense and focused. The more doors you unlock in iEscaper!2 the more running around you have to do to find clues and objects. Sure the game takes longer to complete, but that is not because of having more puzzles or rooms but rather because you travel for more time.

img_0453One small but nagging problem is the translation from Japanese to English found within the game. There are a lot of spelling errors both within the game, and within the user interface. Even the title is strange, and should probably read “the castle of doom” instead of “Castle of the Doom”. Hopefully this can be updated quite easily by the developer.

I really enjoy these room escape games set in a partly historically correct Feudal Japan. Compared to the original I must say that the sequel is a bit less interesting. This is due to the larger environments, and the fact that  I don’t feel threatened at any time. I can take my time doing puzzles without thinking about escaping. That is because I am an intruder out to steal the “crystal of dragon”, and there are no enemies swarming to kill me. It is me versus a castle, and that isn’t that menacing. If you enjoyed the first game definitely pick up the sequel. If you are new to room escape games get iEscaper! –Escape from the Ninja’s Lair- first.

Final Rating


iEscaper!2 -Escape from Castle of the Doom- $2.99
Version: 1.0.0

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  • Martha

    I need help with this game. Could anyone help me please?

  • Seret

    I have this game can you say when you discover the pillar hatch when you push lever there is four pictures i dont know how doing this cursi
    Or i suppose what it is a secret i up cursor but after all exploding iam very glad if you can findiing this secret thanks ma adress is