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Cruelty to animals is fun, at least in iDrop Dead. The more cruelty you display towards your rag doll creature the greater your rewards will be. Decapitation is even encouraged as it is one of the goals you need to achieve to complete a level.

The game is basically just a rag doll simulator where you get a set number of pulls for each level. You unlock additional pulls the more you play, and you really need them to tear the rag doll to shreds. You just touch a body part, and swipe to get the rag doll flying into obstacles such as saw blades and detonating bombs. On one of the nine worlds you also get to use the tilt controls to smash the cute animal into a bloody mess.

img_0090Each level has a point goal, decapitation goal and put severed head into the zone goal. It might sound cruel, and it is, but it is also fun beyond words. The addictive nature of the game is created by you getting achievements, and unlocking new worlds, ragdolls and blood colours in random intervals. This gives a feeling of reward when playing, and I just have to keep going.

At $0.99 I think it is really a must have, and even though most of the game can be completed within a couple of hours those are some of the most fun hours spent with the iPhone.

Presentation & Graphics

The graphics in iDrop Dead is quite basic, but the ragdolls look cute in a weird way. You can zoom in and out using pinch in/out which lets you see severed bodyparts easier when you want to send them flying.



Music that feels uninspired, and quite bland is mixed with just as bland sound effects. I would like to have meatier sounds, and even the odd scream of anguish from the ragdoll. Still that might be a bit over the top even for me. The game fades out your own music, but by using the double home button trick you can still enjoy your own music.


You drag a rag doll cutie bear straight into a rotating saw blade to see the head pop off turning into a severed scull. Blood spurting out of the open neck while the limp body bounces around loosing more, and more body parts to the jagged cold steel. It is a true recipe for carnage, fun and great gameplay. Great controls paired with a great concept.


The game has lots of unlockables and achievements, and even though you might unlock most of the levels within a couple of hours there are ample game life left. To complete the entire game you have to reach an insanely high total score. Different game modes include a free play mode letting you torture your rag doll without any limits to the pulls, and a game mode where you have to collect new pulls to gain scores.

Game Rating


img_0089iDrop Dead is not for those faint of heart or those who see game violence as the reason to why kids turn into hoodlums. It is a game for people like me, who just wants to have a diversion from everyday life. It is truly a great game, and I recommend it fully to anyone who wishes to have some plain old fun.

iDrop Dead $0.99 sale

iDrop Dead Lite

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