iDance Quick Review

Sometimes DDR clones find a way to actually innovate and expand on the rythm/music game standard set by Dance Dance Revolution (see Tap Tap Revolution). Unfortunately, iDance is not one of these games. In fact, it really feels like a cheap attempt to suck off the current popularity of music games by releasing a subpar product that looks good in screenshots.

iDance controls just like any other DDR clone; you must tap the arrows as they cross the top of the screen. The controls in iDance are response, but the arrows keep going, even if you match them to the arrows at the top. Basically, you have no idea if you actually idance1matched the arrow, except for the game telling you through the “good,” “poor,” etc. Another problem is that for the most part, the music used in the 9 included levels is pretty boring. DDR games thrive off of high-energy music that gets you pumped to play. This isn’t the case here.

Presentation & Graphics
The game looks very avertage. You can choose from two dancers, who do the same five or so moves over and over. No particle effects, or any other kind of effects during them to hype things up.

Very lacluster music for the most part. The first few tracks sound like something one would hear at a local drug store.

Boring and tedius. Sure, the controls respond alright, but without good feedback on when you actually match arrows up, it’s difficult and not very enjoyable. I did the usual “call test” during this game, and when I cancelled the call and came back to the game, I had lost. Awesome. Oh and when you finish a song, it just ends abruptly, and you’re met with the ugly iPhone blue pop-up showing your score.

Only 9 levels. No leaderboards for high score. You can’t choose specific songs at different difficulties.

Game Rating

The only redeeming value of iDance is that it’s just 99 cents. This one of many games that furthers the stereotype of “iGames” generally not being that good. I spent most of my time in this game wondering when the repetitive song in a level would be over with. It’s one thing to make a descent DDR clone, and it’s another to make one with monotonous music that includes about 1/8th of the features of the game it’s copying.

iDance – $.99

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  • Jay

    Yay for stereotypes being proven correct. except for iDracula… that game’s awesome