Ice Road Truckers review

Ice Road Truckers is a TV-show depicting the hard lives of truckers making a living driving cargo across treacherous icy roads. Now you can try your luck keeping a big rig on the narrow stretch of road in the middle of a snowy landscape.

You steer by using tilt, and have a brake and throttle button on screen. There is no way to recalibrate the accelerometer, and I have had some strange angles to play with depending on how I have held the iPhone on start-up. You can set the sensitivity of the accelerometer. But just like other menu options the game has forgotten your setting the next time you start it up.

img_0770Once you are out on the road you can choose between four different camera views where only two are actually playable. Either a third person view above/behind the truck or a very low bumper view. They each have their advantages, as the third person is harder to keep racing lines, as you don’t get a feel for the ice as well as in the bumper view. The bumper view on the other hand is so low that you can’t see upcoming corners too well. In the end it is a matter of taste what view you choose.

Racing is a lonely business in Ice Road Truckers, sure you get to see other trucks but they aren’t really racing you. Checkpoints along the way tell you how well you are doing against your imaginary opponents. It is not until the end really that you get to know how well you have done. To unlock the next track you have to earn $5000, and it is really tricky to do that, as you don’t get feedback when racing.

img_0784Variation during some tracks comes in the form of thin ice segments. Here you have to keep a steady speed as the ice breaks if you go too fast or too slow. It is really slippery to keep the truck steady, and at the same time annoying as you can’t go as fast as you want.

The physics in Ice Road Truckers is dubious, and if you crash into something you just loose a bit of speed. I think a game based on a show where you get to see the perils of the icy roads should be a bit more realistic.

Ice Road Truckers only have one mode of play, and you have a number of progressively harder courses to unlock. Paired with unlocking new trucks it has quite limited gamelife. No multiplayer is a shame, as some kind of ghost racing would work quite well in Ice Road Truckers.

img_0772Something that the game is really missing is implementation of the actual TV-show. You get a video clip when booting up, but other than that it is not much of the show in the game. Seeing as the show has got its popularity from the interesting characters it depicts I find it strange not to include the drivers from the show.

Ice Road Truckers has a lot of annoying little bugs and design flaws such as not saving options, and not knowing how well you perform until after the race. Audio clicks, and slowdowns also mar this icy racer. Still I really enjoy it, and find it really exciting trying to keep my truck on the road. At $3.99 I think you should try the lite version first before committing any of your hard earned cash to Ice Road Truckers.

Presentation and graphics

Nice lush environments paired with so so looking trucks. Once you get into the game you can start reading the ice to get the best racing line, which is really cool and helps a lot. Menus are quite boring and show integration really poor.


img_0785Ice Road Truckers has got some of the most annoying music I have ever witnessed, some combination of hillbilly banjo and country western. The sound effects are really important as you get hints about your driving by listening to the sound of the surface and groans of the truck. Sadly I get clicks and clips through my audio, which lets down the experience. You cannot use your own music, and as you need to have sound effects to really drive well it is better to just have them and turn in game music down.

Game play
It is hard to steer in Ice Road Truckers, especially when you are not sure at which angle the accelerometer is calibrated to. The throttle covers the HUD meaning it is hard to see your current speed. Still it adds to the excitement of driving across ice.

Not having any opponents out on the track takes the racing aspect out of Ice Road Truckers. I play this game as a delivery game from point a to point b.

Game life


It is quite hard finishing the tracks in the time required to unlock the next track. Still once you manage to unlock them all there is nothing left to do. No online capability or achievements draws the score down.

Final rating

Ice Road Truckers offers a thrilling ride across some slippery ice. Sadly it is a lonely and buggy experience, and at the price demanded I feel you should try the lite version first.

Ice Road Truckers $3.99
Ice Road Truckers Lite

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    It looks alright