iBomber review

I bomb, you bomb, we all bomb for iBomber, the cute little bombing sim from Cobra mobile. This is one game I have been meaning to review for a couple of weeks now, but unfortunately it kept getting lost in the shuffle, and now I finally have a free minute, so it’s time to review it up.

iBomber is a pretty solid little game, there is actually a lot of depth in the objectives. The general idea is very simple, you fly around and drop bombs on things below, but in practice it can actually become very entertaining, and with the varying objectives in the game, I found there to be ample challenge.

There are a bunch of levels for the player to bomb up, giving the game a decent life span. However, even though the levels all look different, and objectives are varied, in the end, you are still just dropping bombs on things, and that only stayed fun for so long.

Overall, the game looks pretty good, and sounds pretty good too. The flash-ish art style looks nice on the eyes. It’s a pretty solid package that gets somewhat old, but for short bursts, it’s a good pick up and play game.

Presentation & Graphics
The art style and aesthetics of the game are both very nice. Even from the high up perspective you can still see that a lot detail and polish went into the models of the units on the ground. The menus look really nice and are easy to navigate.

The sound is good, and the bomb effects are nice. It’s nothing to write home about, but it works well for the game.

The tilting controls to move the plane work very well, and the nice big bomb button is easy to use. It’s a pretty well polished experience.

There are a lot of levels with varying objectives, but in the end, dropping bombs from above only stays fun for so long. After an hour or so with the game I just didn’t feel like I was having fun anymore.

Game Rating

A pretty good package overall, with some nice graphics and sounds. Unfortunately, the game just got boring a little too fast for the score to be higher.

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    Pretty Good