iBomber Defense review

The world is at war, and you have to command our forces. The enemies are swarming our headquarters, and you have to use our limited recourses to best effect. This is not a drill, and you stand between the victory of good or evil. iBomber Defense takes the almost completely redundant tower defense formula, and breathes some fun into the formula.

iBomber Defense is a set path tower defense game where you have a limited number of spots to place your towers. The interface is quite simple to understand, and get to terms with. Simply touch, and drag the tower you want into position. The game shows a green circle of influence where the tower reaches with fire or positive reinforcement. If it is not possible to place the circle is red. Once a tower is placed it can be either sold or upgraded twice.
img_1772After a battle you will get rewarded with either one or two points to spend on a number of improvements, or new towers. There are not that many towers in the game, and this makes the selection even more important during the middle of the campaign. As you make it to the end of the campaign you will have enough points to have all towers, and features selected. I like this model, as it motivates you to avoid getting your headquarters hurt during the early rather easy levels. An extra point for a clean sweep can be important to conquer the next map successfully.

There are only 11 missions in each of the two campaigns, but there is a lot of variation. Before entering into a map you get to know what enemies you will face: naval, ground and air. This further enhances the need to plan the spending of points before venturing out into battle.
The interface as mentioned earlier is great, and has all the features I want in a tower defense game. A dual speed button, a chance to place towers when paused and a need to repair towers as they wear down. iBomber Defense is a pleasure to play, and I find myself replaying maps to maximize fire power if any enemy manage to sneak through.

img_1820As of today the game only feature two 11 map long campaigns as either allies or axis. I would probably have liked a couple more, but at the same time there is a sense of satisfaction to actually finish a campaign instead of giving up due to length. There is a quick battle mode too. Multiplayer would have been a great addition to the game, and I think that is needed to take tower defense to the next level. High scores and achievements through Game Center and Crystal.
iBomber Defense looks great, and it should as it is set within the already established esthetics of iBomber and iBomber 2. Great sound effects, nice musical scores and the possibility to play your own music while keeping the sound effects.

I was a bit worried when I initially heard about iBomber Defense that it would feature a lot of tilt controls or whatnot to incorporate some of the elements of the iBomber action games. Thankfully the game has no such elements, and is kept as a highly polished tower defense game.

img_1821If you are a tower defense fan iBomber Defense might be too simplified for you as it features few towers. I am a tower defense fan, and I found this to be quite good as it further forces me to use those few towers for maximum impact. For anyone not into tower defense games this is a really good place to start. iBomber Defense might not blow anyone away in terms of being new and creative, but it definitely shines as one of the most fun strategy games out there.

Final Rating


iBomber Defense $2.99 Universal
Version: 1.0
Seller: Chillingo Ltd
Tested on an iPhone 4.

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  • beatdown

    Love the game play and graphics over all, its better than previous bomber type games.