iBomber 2 – review

Death from above returns in this excellent sequel to the budget shooter from Cobra Mobile, iBomber.

As I write this review I just so happen to be 30,000 ft in the air. So in a way I’m in the most realistic environment to review this game, particularly as I’m currently over France and on my way to Italy. There’s nothing quite like a strong rattle of turbulence just as I take some flak from a ground to air missile!

Essentially this is the same game as the first, but with all new missions and added extras. Graphically it has improved with sharper and more varied 2d art, but I’m happy that the overall look hasn’t changed too much as, to me at least, the first game looked great.

875275_2For those who have not played the first iBomber, the object is to take to the skies and bomb the living crap out of everything that moves… and more importantly before something or someone does the same to you. The gameplay is mission based, setting you various objectives with essential enemy targets to destroy, be they enemy convoys, gun installations, navy vessels, enemy HQs or secret weapons.

There are 12 missions in this sequel, taking place across the Pacific, Europe and North Africa. The sea missions are my personal favourite, as you take out ships and submarines with the new torpedoes, complete with a silhouette of the torpedo under the water as it homes in on its prey.

Additional new weapon types include carpet bombs, and smoke markers for artillery strikes. The old weapons are still there too, which you pick up from the rubble of a downed foe, including health pickups. You can also pick up a new shield power up that gives you a fighter escort for a short time, to take some of the flak, which now include ground to air missiles.

875275_3Controlling iBomber 2 is pretty simple, and intuitive. Using the accelerometer, twisting the device will change your direction. Tilting forward increases speed and tilting back slows you down. It’s important to balance your speed. Slow speeds allow more accurate bomb strikes, but leave you susceptible to attack.

Tilt controls are the main and best control option, but in iBomber 2 there is also a v-stick option if twisting and tilting doesn’t suit you. It’s functional but for me it doesn’t feel as natural. It’s really down to personal preference and so it’s good to have the two options.

Just like the original, unleashing your payload is a simple task of hitting the big red fire button. Perhaps unrealistically though, bombs reload almost instantly, but this I’ll forgive in favour of the more intense action it allows.

875275_5The music is awesome, much like epic soundtracks such as you’ll find in Halo or Call of Duty, the music really adds atmosphere to the overall experience, egging you on through even the toughest missions, and almost rousing goosebumps at times. For a budget game such as this it’s surprising for such high musical production values.

The first game was a fun arcade experience. iBomber 2 builds on this with higher production values in both sound and vision, as well as added gameplay elements to keep things fresh and exciting even on repeated plays. I like that this is more of an evolution than a revolution, but I’d like to see more added value in either an update or a sequel. I can see new weapon types such as the bouncing bombs of the damn busters, as well as new game modes such as survival. Even a random level generator wouldn’t be hard to do, and a great way to extend game life.

Now if you don’t mind, the stewardess has arrived with my gin and tonic… tallyho chaps!



iBomber 2 is out now for $2.99. Get it on iBomber 2

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