I Love Virus micro review

I love Virus is a cute little Pac Man clone, that is nothing amazing, but if you like Pac Man it is worth picking up.

Presentation & Graphics
Pretty good visuals, nothing amazing though. Looks like exactly what you would expect from a Pac Man clone. The menu system is easy to navigate and pretty easy on the eyes as well.

Nothing special really. I’m especially fond of the voice that counts down to the level starting. However, there is no sound as you eat the little dots on the map, and that just does not seem right for a Pac Man clone. All the years I’ve been playing Pac Man, not hearing a sound when I eat kind of threw me off, and I found I got less enjoyment from not eating without the feedback of a sound.

Good controls. It uses a swipe in the direction method of controls. Meaning, you can swipe anywhere on the screen in the direction you would like Virus to go, and he will go that way. I found the controls be precise enough for the type of game that it is. It’s a pretty fun game with some cool powerups as you navigate through the levels.

It’s Pac Man, so if you love it you could play it for hours, if it’s not your thing, it will be fun for a little bit, but that’s about it. There are a bunch of levels to play, so there is good variety.

Game Rating
A pretty solid Pac Man Clone, good controls and good visuals. The premise of the game is also pretty interesting. A young up and coming virus trying to make it in the world. If you like Pac Man this may be worth picking up. Apparently it is free now, so there is no reason not to check it out.


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  • Ipgn-nige

    ‘shortest review ever’ award goes to Mr David LeClair

  • Scott

    I played it for a bit I found the controls to be not responsive enough to make turns when I wanted to, leaving me to miss turns. Which ruined the game for me, maybe I needed more time to get the hang of it but whatever it was free lol.