I Dig It Review

In an economy like this established industries can do one of two things, die, or innovate. In I Dig It the farmer’s who business is going under has decided to innovate by tunring his tractor into a flying drill tank to start mining the valuable ore under his land.

I Dig It is basically you (the dill operator) vs. the great unknown underground. Your goal is the root around under the earth and try to uncover as much treasure as possible. You return this treasure to your farm house, where it’s sold, then gas up at the gas station, and upgrade/repair your violent drilling machine in the garden shed (the mad workshop). Earning money let’s you upgrade your drill to allow you to progress in the game.

The Good

864297_3The first thing you realize in this game is that there is a bit more strategy that you may expect. As you drill down you realize how susceptible to the elements your drilling rig is. if you drop without slowing you decent or smash in to the walls or ceiling too hard you will do damage to your rig. If you dig too far down your rig will overheat. If you venture out too far and run out of gas you will be stranded and the game will be over. Also as you go down your field of vision becomes limited. You need to upgrade your radar to see the goodies around you.

Of course each of these upgrades cost money and the only way to get it is to keep drilling. I Dig It keeps the game interesting by making you think about what to upgrade when so you can keep moving in the game without hitting any major hiccups.

To control your rig you have a virtual analog stick that you can slide in the direction you want to move. When you point it up your drilling rig’s rockets fire up and you can fly through the tunnels back up to the surface. One interesting thing about the analog stick is that it lets you choose the size of the nub. This lets you chose how far you have to move your finger from the center-point to achieve the desired motion. This is the first time I have seen this in an iPhone game, and it works really well to help fine tune the controls for your preference.

864297_5One thing that will keep you coming back to the game are the charming visuals. The quality of the characters and environment will keep you interested as you dig deeper and deeper searching for a wide variety of odd objects hidden under your property. I especially love the animations from your rig’s movement. Running across the surface you see diesel fumes spewing from your rig, and while flying the motion and rocket animations are incredible.

What I really appreciate about I Dig It is that the game is such a perfect match for the platform. I often play games while standing in line, or watching boring shows and I Dig It fits perfectly into those situations. I can hold my 2 year old daughter in one hand, and play I Dig It with the other. The simple gameplay makes it possible for me to play this game a lot more than other games that you may consider to be higher on the totem pole. Because of it’s unique gameplay I Dig It should be a staple on everyone’s iPhone.

The Bad

Although I Dig It has the ability to connect with Facebook, it hardly seems to be a replacement for some kind of global leaderboard system. Some thing that shows you well you are doing by geographic location would be ideal, like Globall.

864297_4The biggest flaw with I Dig It is also one of it’s most appealing features, the game is simple. This means it’s easy to pick up and play for a bit of fun, but it’s hard to play for an extended period of time as it can get boring. Also after upgrading your rig enough and uncovering all the different underground items, there is little motivation to keep playing.

The Bottom Line

The simple gameplay and charming graphics in I Dig It will offer hours of fun and diversion for those seeking something that is easy to pickup and play. I Dig It has a lot to offer for what it is, and although the gameplay may be limited I Dig It joins the ranks of iPGN’s editor’s choice.

Presentation & Graphics
Detailed and cute, it’s hard not be charmed by the visuals in I Dig It.

The sound is standard, and good, just what you would expect.

Simple and fun, with great graphics, you will have enjoy I Dig It.

Gamelife is limited, but it’s a fun ride all the way down.

Game Rating – Editor’s Choice
I Dig It is a great game, perfectly suited to the iPhone,  everyone should own a copy.

I Dig It $.99 (Grab it now while it’s on sale from $2.99)

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    looks quite good, i like it when games have coustamization options.

  • Scott

    Well in a economy like the app store you can do two things, try something new and bomb or rip off a good game. :)

    I Dig it is simply a clone of Motherload which I believe is a flash game on the PC made by the same people that did Defend Your Castle. So those guys got two see two clones of their games go to number 1 lol sucks to be late to the party.

    California Gold Rush by Digital Chocolate is also the same game which is on the app store as well but its 3 bucks although I enjoyed the lite version a bit more then the brief time I played I Dig it.

  • Scott

    You can also look at Harbor Master which has taken alot from Flight Control and doing pretty well on the charts as well.

    Although it does take the FC gameplay to different levels and has alot of updates its a good game but it shows it does not pay to be innovative on the app store.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    Its a cool game