I am Ninja review

As you might already know I am ninja, Nigel is ninja, Nacho is ninja, Nathan is ninja, Matt is Ninja and heck even Dave is ninja. You can also be ninja if you aren´t already just by getting I am ninja and channelling your inner ninja.

I am ninja is based on a comedy podcast called Ask a Ninja which I subscribed to a while back and enjoyed a lot. It is a satire show of sorts where you get to know the daily chores of the ninja as well as tips on how to live a more ninja life yourself. You can actually ask THE Ninja a question within this game to get an answer in a future episode.img_0084

The game starts with an inspiring ninja song and the game is filled with quotes and clips from the Ask a Ninja show. You also get access to the Ask a Ninja community site with clips viewable within the game(must have Wi-Fi access).

There are three mini games and a main game called Confrontation. Starting with the main game it is a survival shooter where you play as THE Ninja and have to defend yourself against hordes of pirates and zombies. You aim by tilting and tap the screen to shoot and if you survive the wave you get the opportunity to buy more life or upgrade your firepower. It gets harder and harder and finally even you will succumb and your ninja power will be evaluated at the high score table.img_0083

Mini games consist three varied games that you often find stand alone in the app store, here you get three with ninjas. In img_0080balance you balance your ninja on a pole tilting to find the sweet bonus spot while avoiding falling to your disgraceful death.
In obstacle you have to shoot your opponent with bow and arrow in a iShoot/Worms  kind of a game. You set up angle and power while taking the wind in consideration and then you shoot by drawing an arrow on the screen. Then you have to hope that you hit your opponent otherwise it is his turn to shoot at you. Finally there is a memory game where you have to remember the correct sequence to beating a punching bag. The minigames are available in the main confrontation game as a way to get more money as well as standalone playable whenever you want to.

Presentation & Graphics


The back grounds looks hand drawn reminding me of Okami in style, beautiful. Animations of ninjas and enemies is rather img_0077simple and further adds to the comedy of the game with ninjas moving faster than the eye can see. During mini games balance and memory the ninjas are larger on screen and have a more cartoony look to them with large eyes and funny expressions. All in all presentation is top notch for what it is, a comedy game about ninjas.



From the opening ninja song it is hard to keep the high standard it sets but this game really pulls it of. Japanese classical tunes mixed with strange western guitars while playing and THE Ninja giving you words of Ninja wisdom at menus and interspersed in the game without being annoying. Can not play own iPod music, THE Ninja doesn’t approve of you musical taste, it is not ninja enough.



I think that the controls work for all the games but in confrontation it is sometimes hard to aim sharply to the left/right when an enemy manages to get close. The mini games are more fun now dressed in ninja style than when I have tried memory or balance games with a more generic cast.



Three levels of difficulty for both confrontation and the mini games. Online high scores to show all other ninjas how ninja you are. And being able to stream Ask a ninja episodes through the game is brilliant for gamelife.

Game Rating


It’s ninjariffic and at the introductory price of $2.99 it is a total recommendation. That is of course if you can channel your inner ninja, if you are a pirate or zombie at heart you might not like it.

I am Ninja $2.99

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  • Jay

    haha. Im feeling that you are giving the games a slightly too high scores.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad

    @Jay. Thanks for the input, it is really hard to review games when they cost like 1-2 bucks. The question whether it is worth the money spent versus quality is hard to balance. Perhaps there needs to be different review sections depending on price as a premium game at $9.99 might score 3 stars while it would score 4.5 stars costing 2 bucks.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    Looks good


    This game looks really cool. something different for a change. :)