Hypership Out of Control review

Forget about the slow process of initiating overdrives by order from the captain, as seen in Star Trek. This hypership is out of control, and decisions have to be made before you smack straight into an asteroid, space creature or mine. All breaks are out, and you only have your quick dodge skills and a constantly firing cannon to help you out. Get your barf bags on standby cause we are in for a bumpy ride.

img_4653Hypership Out of Control is an arcade dodge em up in outer space. Controls are as simple as placing your finger anywhere on the screen to set up the relative touch controls from there. This is a responsive method that works quite well for the most part. It suffers from a bit of a “it might be better if I place my finger there” kind of vibe. Too often I change my position, and too often this leads to inevitable death. To me the best placement has been to simply place a finger our thumb straight on the ship. Sure it gets tricky not seeing the edges of the ship when you try to navigate narrow tunnels. On the other hand it gives full control all over the screen. By double tapping you unleash a destroy everything bomb. This is effective, but also disturbs the flow somewhat and I tend to skip using bombs. One thing that surprised me is that the game has no accelerometer control option at all.

There are a lot of cool game modes to choose from, but all are about avoiding death. I prefer the hardcore mode with only one life to complete the ten waves. It gives me a true sense of imminent danger. There is also a cool mode that forces you to collect coins to avoid the evil game over screen.

One thing I would have liked is to have a “suicide” mode or “hypermegamode” that started off quick as hell right away. Now there is a slight wait for the ship to pick up the pace. Speaking of which there are six different skins to choose from, but they all behave the same way. I would have liked some difference between them to for example be able to play with a ship that controls well, but has weaker shots. Other than those minor pieces of constructive criticism this is a game about fun all the way.

img_4629The presentation is true retro goodness that flows smoothly on both my iPad 2, and iPhone 4. Collecting old school coins is also cool because they usually form patterns, and words. The music is intense old school 8-bit bitpop that never gets old. I love everything about the presentation.

Hypership Out of Control can be played casually walking to the bus, or hardcore sitting down concentrating on the screen. This is a great game in those regards, but it could be improved further. It has only 19 Game Center achievements, and beside that you are left with battling for high scores. I can see this game benefitting from the brilliant kind of mission structure that Jetpack Joyride has introduced. For now it is a highly recommended universal game that is darn fun to play.

Final Rating


Hypership Out of Control $0.99 Universal for iPad and iPhone/iPod.
Version: 1.0
Seller: Kris Steele / Fun Infused Games

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