Hunters 2 Review

Atticus Black is back, and this time there is a plot to the killing.

The sequel, or rather the second episode on the Hunters universe brings what I thought was missing from the first episode: a storyline. Still centred around surviving the onslaught, by using strategy and the right tools for the job this is one of the premier turn based strategy games for iOS.

My first impressions were that there hasn’t been that much change from the first episode, but at that time I was thinking in terms of different games. When I changed my perspective, and started viewing this as the second episode it seemed much clearer. It is all a matter of semantics, and words but then that is what governs what we perceive. As a new episode it brings the storymode, but you still get the daily updated mercenary missions as a choice.

The gameplay hasn’t changed, and is still a solid challenging turn based strategy game where you have to outwit, and outgun the enemy. A lot of the strategy is done before even entering the level as you get to upgrade, and deck out your soldiers. Having the proper tools for the job is essential. If you meet enemies wielding long range weaponry hammers, and shotguns won’t cut it. On the other hand having machine guns against quick melee fighters is also a bust. A varied team that can help each other out is my best tip. Having a sniper guarded by a hammer wielder can cut down the incoming enemies quickly.

For each turn you have a set number of action points for each hunter. Movement, attack and guarding all costs action points. To maximize the survival rate it is always better to thread slowly saving some points for a guard action. Standing in guard costs two points, but meant that the soldier will attack anyone stepping into the line of sight.

The story starts slowly, and builds slowly as well. This is due to the fact that battles can take quite some time to finish. For those who wants to jump straight into the fray there is also the option to go for the mercenary missions.

IAP is still an eyesore in Hunters Episode Two, and I really wish it could have been played down. You can buy credits to use for gear, and without IAP it always feels like I have crappy gear. With IAP on the other hand it is far too easy, as you get overpowered.

The presentation is solid, albeit a bit dark at times. Dark is fine, as a mood but too dark makes it hard to play in sunlight. The creatures you fight also feel a bit uninspired, and fighting other humans is much more satisfying. There is a dark slow soundtrack that sets a desolate mood. There isn’t that much improvement over the first episode other than more details, and slightly better maps. A new graphical engine has infused the game with more detail, and flair but at the same time that can be disruptive. Enemies are harder to spot, as are probable hiding places behind cover.

Hunters Episode Two isn’t really the sequel I had anticipated, and I view it as an episodic updated that brings a storymode. I still think that the strategic game play is great, and it is suspenseful watching the enemy takes it’s turn walking into my traps. Bigger, better and a whole lot of more violent.



Hunters 2 is out now for $4.99 (£2.99)


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  • Chris