Hue Spectrum Review

Are you a fan of Shift, and looking for another game to play with similar creative genius? If so, Hue Spectrum is for you! This game has had me hooked for the last couple weeks now and is the first game I have reviewed which uses the In-App purchasing. In Hue, you play as this small stick figure style guy, and rather then Shift’s flipping your character from black to white, you must change color to make certain blocks and platforms accessible. This game has four playable worlds right out of the box, as well as two purchasable worlds which each cost $.99.What color to choose??

The first four worlds only took me a few days to figure out, with some mediocre playing time. Once I finished those I was still itching for more, so I bought the next two level packs and let me tell you, they are at least twice as tough as the core worlds, if not more. The levels alternate between easy runthroughs with a minimum of thinking to requiring a good hour of try after try to solve. Granted, I suppose there’s always the possibility that I’m just a brain dead computer nerd who can’t figure stuff out to save my life, but I doubt that’s the case.

The Graphics in this game are very smooth, and I’ve had very few hiccups, most of which occurred if I would get a text while playing. The one thing you need to watch for while playing is that once you make a jump, your tripped out avatar will skid for a second, which can lead to a very painful fall if you aren’t careful.It's like a puzzle!

The gameplay is very simple, but oh so tough to master. The controls are all displayed on the screen, and are very easy to grasp. Tap one side of the screen and you move in that direction. Jump and Lift/Drop are in the corners, however I think that this is a point where they should have taken a page from Shift’s guidebook. I think that had they done the tap one way to run, tap the other direction to jump. There have been a few instances where I have missed the corner and instead ran off a cliff to my demise. The developers did an excellent job on this game’s concept, it runs very well and the puzzles have almost uncountable possibilities, only one of which is correct. This keeps the game fresh and fun, even once you’ve played and died on a level a dozen times there is still another way to try.

I really like the sound in this game, and I am happy to say that it does let you play your own music in the background if you so desire. This is very good, because there is in fact no background music whatsoever. All you get are sound effects for landing, dropping stuff, etc. The developers went with the less is more approach and succeeded. I would have liked them to have at least some score for the background music, so that you aren’t forced to endure silence or use your own DJ skills.I'll take box number two!

One thing that I wish they would have included is some sort of scoring system, even if it is simply a record of how long each level took you to beat, with perhaps a “Pro” time that you could aim for. This would give it a bit more replay value, which would be nice. Even though the six worlds do take a while to complete, once you do there is not really any reason to go back and play through again. Another thing they could include down the road is a “level editor” style download so you could make your own. I would buy this, especially if there was some way to download community created levels. I could easily see this game getting quite big if they would create something like that for it.

Presentation & Graphics
I was tempted to give this game a full five stars for this category, but just couldn’t quite justify marking it as perfect.  So as good as this game is, I’m giving it’s P&G 4.5

Nice and simple, though I would have liked to have at least a little background music

Awesome idea, great controls, but as I stated above there are a couple tweaks that could make it a bit better

Game takes plenty of time to figure out all the levels, especially those you must pay for. unfortunately, there is next to no replay value with no scoring system

Game Rating


Great game, it’s almost a five star. If you like puzzle games, especially ones like Shift you will love this game. It will keep you entertained for hours on end and make you think with the color side of your brain. At $2.99 it is a little pricey for a game nobody has ever heard of, and at almost $5 after buying the last two level packs it’s rivaling the cost of some pretty high end games.

Hue Spectrum – $2.99

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  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Great review Mr Grubbs! This is one nifty platformer.