Hotdog Down A Hallway quick review

Sometimes I wonder how developers come up with their game ideas. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the developers came up with the ideas to Hot Dog Down A Hallway. What you get in Hot Dog Down A Hallway is a pig in a basket/pen, a meat grinder and a hallway. It is all seen from the side with the hallway continuing to the right. You aim the meat grinder nozzle by touch control. There is a power meter on the meat grinder that you have to take into consideration. When it is at full power you poke the pig that goes into the meat grinder. Out of the meat grinder comes the hero of the game, the hotdog. It flies at the speed and angle you have managed to set.

img_0186Once in the air you have to avoid obstacles such as crabs and the back of fans. There are also items boosting your speed and height such as plants and torn wallpapers. If you get stuck in an obstacle it is game over unless you have managed to catch a glove with your hotdog. By tilting your iPhone you can control the rotation of the hotdog. This gives you the chance to avoid obstacles, and also to fly longer without as much air resistance.

Hot Dog Down A Hallway is all about distance, the longer the distance the better. There are a lot of achievements but most are too easy to get. I got most of them during my first 30 minutes of play.

Hot Dog Down A Hallway is a fun game with that addictive flair. Just one more go, just one more!

Presentation & Graphics

img_0189Colourful cartoon graphics, and the hotdog looks lovely and loveable. Sadly I have had issues with stuttering frame rates. A game such as this got to get everything flowing smoothly, and rebooting the device helped a little bit.

It has one of the best icons I have seen so far.



Lovely soft muzak totally clashing with the theme of the game, love it! The sound effects are some of the best I have enjoyed on my iPhone. The squealing pig, meat grinder, wet sausage bounces, and farty fan death sounds are all great fun. Won’t let me play my own music.


Simple, fun and addictive. Like the combination of touch and tilt controls. There are a few games in the same genre but I think Hotdog Down A Hallway is the best I have played.


img_0187Too easy and random to unlock the available achievements and only local records. It is a perfect game to play for a couple of minutes just to get in a better mood. The silliness and humour can be a real boost.

I hope to see online leader boards in future updates.

Game Rating


A bit simple and shallow but still good fun for a buck.

Hotdog Down A Hallway $0.99

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  • iPGN-Matt, USA

    lol gross!



  • Rock $ Rolla

    I like these types of games