Hospital Havoc Review

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a doctor? If it’s anything like Hospital Havoc, I can see why they make the big bucks! Hospital Havoc is a frantic game that puts you in the shoes of a doctor who has to treat and take care of patients before they die, or worse… sue!

It’s hard to classify this kind of game. I suppose it’s an arcade management strategy game? It’s a game that requires your full attention to play, but luckily (except for Continuous Play) the levels are relatively short, and have you helping as many patients as you can until the hospital closes. There are three different game modes: Career, Continuous Play, and Scenarios. Although the

Gotta wash those hands!

Gotta wash those hands!

gameplay is pretty much the same in each, the situations vary greatly, and require you to focus on different aspects of management.

In order to explain the gameplay itself, I’m going to over-simply it:

1. Patient shows up, and you put them in a bed.
2. You click the patient to start analyzing their symptoms, then click again to finalize.
3. Create a prescription at the computer.
4. Collect prescription at pharmacy counter.
5. Give medicine/cure to patient.
6. Dismiss patient.

All of this is done while trying to wash you hands/throw away garbage to maintain cleanliness, and while trying to clear out and clean beds for new incoming patients. This game is completely frantic, but more importantly, it’s a lot of fun! I’m generally not a big fan of management-type games, but Hospital Havoc is very polished, and as mentioned above, has a great variety of gameplay.

Yikes, that's a lot of pregnant women.

Yikes, that's a lot of pregnant women.

Each level in career mode has a certain score goal that must be reached in order to beat the level. At first, it seems difficult to do. However, the focus of the game is not just to treat as many patients as you can, but to chain together commands to do it as efficiently as possible. As you chain together commands to the doctor/nurse, you will gain more points. You also gain more points the cleaner things are, which is shown by a meter on the bottom of the screen. You can also setup equipment like heart monitors, IVs, and breathing masks to add to your score, and keep your patients alive longer.

I realize that to someone who doesn’t normally play these kinds of games, this alls seems pretty complicated. Luckily, Hospital Havoc comes with a fantastic multi-level tutorial that guides you through the basics of the game very well. There is a list of ailments and power-ups in the help menu if you get confused. As you play you will learn which medication counters which illness. Some people aren’t ill at all, and come in for things like plastic surgery, or a cup of coffee. This is a full service hospital.

Presentation & Graphics

Pretty standard sprite graphics, but also quite polished. Good animation, and a decent amount of variety. Being able to customize your doctor/nurse’s appearance was a nice touch.

A TV helps keep patients alive longer... right?

A TV helps keep patients alive longer... right?


The sound effects aren’t necessarily bad. There is a fair amount of different things the patients say, but it could get old after a bit. The rest of the sound effects are good enough. There isn’t any music. Maybe an option for hospital ambiance could have added something.


Once you get over the learning curve, Hospital Havoc plays very smoothly, and is quite challenging. The game is controlled simply by tapping on various objects and locations to perform tasks, and smartly provides gameplay in short bursts. Some people may find it hard to focus without taking time to play.

There is simply a TON of game to be played with Hospital Havoc. With three game modes, multiple difficulties, a multitude of ailments to cure, and increasing difficulty, you will be playing this game for a very long time.

Game Rating

I am impressed. It takes a lot to get me to like a management-styled game like this. Hospital Havoc looks good, sounds good, but more importantly, it is very polished and provides a lot of content to play with. Even if you aren’t a fan of these types of games, for only $2.99 it just might change your mind.

Hospital Havoc – $2.99
Free Version

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  • Jay

    Diner Dash, – Hospital version!


    It looks good. Not my type of game though.

  • Dexter

    Great review-a couple of things though-I own the game and LOVE IT! There is music and it changes as you progress through the levels. Also, in the help section,you will find the list of the ailments and their required cures (with pictures), along with all the power-ups and what they do.
    Great Game. Solidly built. Long-lasting replay ability!

  • iPGN-Matt

    Thanks for the info, Dexter! Not sure how I missed this. I updated the score and the review.

  • B

    I agree with Jay, how can you not see this is a total Diner Dash clone? It doesn’t deserve any points for originality, and if anything should be knocked for being such a shameless ripoff.

  • iPGN-Matt

    Um… B… Hospital Havoc isn’t a rip off of Diner Dash anymore than Doom was a rip-off of Wolfenstein. They’re simply two games from the same genre. With your argument, Diner Dash would also be a rip-off of earlier time management types of games.

  • Dexter

    Being a game designer and competitor, I must admit that I LOVE THIS GAME! It’s different from other TM games-no mindless queuing so no, the game doesn’t play itself, which I love. The scenarios are also excellent-you need to apply different strategies to beat them -one issue though-many have complained about crashing on the iTunes site -I do know that it’s the game engine used that causes this (out of the dev’s control until Garage Games updates their own software)-but the crashing doesn’t affect everyone-try the free first if you are worried. Also, a lot of nurses have complained-they need to get a life-it’s A GAME-Lastly, Matt, THERE IS MUSIC IN THE GAME-3 VERSIONS