Hopple/Star Ride Double Review

Normally I would never do a joint review for two similar games. However, when the games are literally exactly the same thing with different graphics, creating two separate reviews would be incredibly redundant.

Hopple (by TopHatMonacle) and Star Ride (by Andrea Mazzini) are standard platforming games, in the sense that you have to continuously hop from one “platform” to another to get higher and higher to get the best score. In Hopple, you are a squirrel jumping from one acorn to the next. In Star Ride, you are a lone silhouette jumping from one star to the next in the night sky. You control the direction of your

Hopper: He's so cute!

Hopper: He's so cute!

character by tapping the screen.

Unlike other games like DoodleJump or PapiJump where you tilt to move, Hopple and Star Ride create a very frantic game that requires more focus and reflexes to perform well. Because of this, the game doesn’t feel nearly as “casual” as games that feature the tilt option. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, both games get old fairly quickly, since clicking from one star/acorn to the next gets tedious after a while. You can increase your height and score in both games by landing on a bonus object. For Hopple it’s a tophat, and for Star Ride it’s a shining star.

Both games feature good graphics, but Star Ride certainly has the edge.  While Hopple goes for the cute cartoony graphics with their squirrel, Star Ride goes for a more artistic and moody setting with it’s starry sky and silhouetted figure. The same also goes for sound. While Hopple’s sound is fine, Star Ride sets the mood with ambient music, and various tones when you hit stars. Sometimes it feels like you’re creating your own song as you shoot through stars of various tones.

Hopple Final Score


Hopple plays well, and I think will work better for a younger audience. The squirrel is cute as he hops from acorn acorn. The graphics and sound are solid, but nothing really jumps out at you. The game is only 99 cents, and will give you some entertainment for the asking price. It’s too bad there isn’t more to it, though.

Hoople – $.99

Star Ride Final Score


Star Ride: He's so introspective!

Star Ride: He's so introspective!

Although the gameplay is exactly the same as Hopple, Star Ride one-ups with it’s soothing sounds, impressive visuals, and an overall artistic feel. This provides an overall mellow and peaceful experience that isn’t found in other similar games. It’s too bad there isn’t more to it, though.

Star Ride – $1.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    The same game

  • Matt Dunn, USA

    Well, different enough for one to get a slightly higher score! ;)


    Is this like doodle jump?