Holmenkollen Ski Jump review

To some the New Year and ski jumping is closely tied as part of the holidays. Holmenkollen Ski Jump comes to the App Store to fill the need of those desperately wanting to jump off hills. It also comes to celebrate the newly built New Holmenkollen in Norway.

The controls are quite simple to get to terms with. Your ski jumper races down the track until you press “jump” to launch. Timing is essential to get the longest jump possible. Once in the air you have to make sure to balance the jumper correctly to get balance and at the same time less wind resistance. This is done by on screen buttons, and it is quite hard to get a good balance while at the same time risking it all to get good length. When your jumper is close to the ground you got to prepare to press “land” to get a good clean landing.

img_8002That is all you do in the game. I have kind of thought that there would be some sort of tilt controls, as controlling the balance and stance of a dude flying through the air on skies should have accelerometer written all over it. Still the game can be quite addictive to get a better jump than the last.

The graphics are ok but I would have liked them to be a bit more realistic. Now they look like taken out of a 10-year old Winter Games instead of something promoting a brand new arena. Could have taken a photorealistic approach, and then use game graphics for the ski jumper.

img_8005There are only local scores in the current version, but the developer Agens promises online score in version 1.1. Nothing to unlock or achieve, and only one arena feels a bit thin. Two player pass n play is available though to earn bragging rights among your friends.

At five bucks I am finding Holmenkollen Ski Jump really hard to recommend. It is not a bad game at heart, and if you have to get a ski jump game it is ok. With online scores, and a price drop Holmenkollen Ski Jump might become the Canabalt of winter sports as it has that one touch/one more go feel to it.

Final Rating


Holmenkollen Ski Jump $4.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Agens

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