Hollywood Hospital review

Running a hospital is hard work, and when the virus strikes Hollywood the famous brown matter hits the fan for real. Or at least that is what I hoped it would. Sadly the pacing is uneven paired with some bad design decisions concerning controls, and queuing of tasks. Hollywood Hospital is a time management game with a quite interesting setting. Instead of generic patients you get to cure Braveheart Mel Gibson by inflating his already bloated head. This is fun the first time, but as you have to do these special tasks all the time it becomes tedious.

A patient enters the hospital, and you take him to the nurse for registration. Then he has to go to the doctor, and on to the various treatments available. Finally the patient has to pay at the nurse again. You can queue tasks by tapping the sequence you think the patient will have to go. This is not always what the patient really does, and when I reroute the patient I break the bonus chain. This is a real nuisance. Furthermore the pacing of the levels is off, and too often I get loads of patients waiting at the nurses counter. It is even possible to get patients stuck with no other option than to become angry, and walk out. To me this is a broken game mechanic, and it turns the game into a frustrating experience. Even with upgraded machinery the game is strangely paced with a bottleneck at the nurses counter.

img_0104The graphics are poor with a lack of character animation, and no visual polish. The mini games are fun the first times around, but soon the enlarged graphics becomes as bland as the game becomes tedious. The music is annoying, and I simply can’t stand it for more than five minutes at a time.
I enjoy the odd time management game, and the premise of Hollywood Hospital intrigued me. Sadly the execution is poor, and I grew tired of it quickly. Are you alright? is a better game in the same environment. Give Hollywood Hospital a miss. I played it on my iPad, and wanted to play it on my iPhone for better screen captures. The tutorial is among the worst/slowest ever, and I simply couldn’t go through it again. That is how slow this game is…until the waiting are gets crowded, and you have no chance of helping all the patients.

Final Rating


Hollywood Hospital $1.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Zed Worldwide

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