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I really enjoy mashups of different genres into new games. Hit n’ Run takes the classic match color block puzzle and mashes it with old school Outrun racing. Smashing into matching cars while swerving between trailers with another color is really fun, and as such the game play mechanic really works. A lack of game modes hurt the game somewhat, and in that regards Hit n’ Run takes a bit too much from the casual puzzle drop formula.

img_0829In Hit n’ Run you control your car by either complete accelerometer controls or a combination of accelerometer and touch buttons. I prefer the combination of having an accelerator and a brake button with tilt to steer. Having complete tilt controls for acceleration and braking makes the game harder to me, and less precise. I would have liked an option for complete touch controls. It would be better suiting to the casual theme of the game.

Your car doesn’t auto accelerate, and thus you set the pace of the game. To me this is strange, and I would have liked some sort of auto acceleration with a limited amount of brake control. The car changes color to the last matched vehicle, and you can see the upcoming colors at the top right corner. This makes the game quite strategic as you often can plan ahead to snag as many vehicles as possible in a move. As you progress the traffic increases. There is also the odd powerup car you can hit to get both positive and negative effects. A multicolor pickup also pops at the side of the road from time to time.

img_0802There are three game modes available, and to be frank none of them excites me. That is sad as the game gets really intense, and has a great sense of speed as I skid around vehicles. Free ride is what it says, and in the end it becomes quite boring when you have tried all powerups and driven to heavy traffic. Time trial is a high score mode where you have to hit as many vehicles as possible. Sprint challenges you to complete a distance with time remaining, and as many matches as possible. You have got two levels of difficulty, but not even on advance I have to use any of my extra lives. It is too easy, and I don’t find myself challenged at all. Some kind of progression instead of only restarting the same level over and over is needed badly. Both the racing and casual block puzzler formula needs challenge to be exciting.

There are online score available by the Agon online service. Agon is decent, but as it is quite small compared to Openfeint and Plus+ I have no friends to compete against yet. If you have it might be more interesting to you. Without straining myself I could make quite good results on the global ranking. Achievements are also integrated into Agon, and it is always nice to be awarded when doing sweet moves.

img_0787The presentation in Hit n’Run could do with a bit of polish to make it shine. It isn’t bad, but the vehicles could definitely look sleeker, and I would like to be able to customize or at least choose what car to drive. The menus are more polished than the gameplay graphics, which is usually the other way around. The music consists of stressful bombastic classical symphony music, and after a couple of sprints I had to turn it off. Not that it is bad, but it really stresses me out. That was probably the intention from the developer. Sound effects are weak, and the user interface sounds are as annoying as those found in any game by Capcom or Konami. The engine sound like a wasp, and that is probably close to the engine in a real life Italian sports car. To me it is important to hear the acceleration, and I have no problems with having V8 sounds in any car game. That is my personal preference.

Hit n’Run is a fun game that nails the important controls and sense of speed. A lack of game modes makes it less interesting to go back to. If the developer sticks to the game, and updates it with more content I think they have a winner here.

Final Rating


Hit n’ Run $0.99 (get it from Hit N'Run)
Version: 1.1
Seller: Igor Petrov

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