Hidden Expedition: Everest Quick Review

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Review by Matt Dunn

I’m not sure what genre to put this game in, but it’s fun, and addicting. Yes, all you do is scour over pictures to find a list of hidden items… but, but… it’s just so awesome for some reason!

Hidden Expedition: Everest is a simple game that puts you on a journey across the world, all the while finding hidden objects jam-packed into pictures of exotic locales.

Presentation & Graphics:

Beautiful locales and artwork. However, would have been nice to see some action/animation rather than just still photos.


Sound effects fit the various locales perfectly, but they do tend to loop a bit too often. Very high quality though!


Touch response for finding objects in the images is FANTASTIC. I assumed this would be an issue, but it wasn’t at all. Traveling to different countries is a thrill, and it was smart to add AI that you have to race against, even if it is pretty dang easy. Random hint system is a great help, but the game still requires you to find 80% of the objects yourself in order to win, which is good. There’s also a penalty for randomly clicking the screen to find stuff. No cheating!

Game life:

Each picture in Everest is chock-full of hidden images, and find lists are randomized. This means you will get a different experience each time you play through the game. Pretty brilliant idea, but it can still get old after a while. Throwing in special pictures that require you to find a certain number of the same object is just enough a change of pace to keep things interesting.

Game rating:

Final Word:

This game is 99 cents. Need I say more? Ok fine. It is incredible on long trips, or other events where you need to kill some time. It’s extremely easy to play, but still challenging. I played this on a 2-hour flight, and before I knew it, we were landing! It’s a lot of fun, and you won’t be dissappointed… as long as finding hidden items in pictures is fun to you!

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