Hero of Sparta Review

Review by Ricky Gallo (Competition winner)

sparta-logoAllow me to begin by saying that there has certainly been a lot of hype surrounding Gameloft lately. There have been Brothers in Arms, Ferrari GT, Asphalt 4, and countless other hit titles in only a few months. So far, it would not be ridiculous to say that all of there titles are gems, and although sometimes a little pricey (by App Store standards) can provide a gamer with hours of enjoyment. However, is Gameloft’s newest title over-hyped? Is there truth to some of its early, stellar reviews? Is it worth the 80-something megabytes? Read on to find out.

sparta3To begin with, when you first start up the game, you are presented with one of Gameloft’s almost – signature trailers. A true graphic beauty, one cannot expect the actual game to be close to the visuals shown in the brief movie. Or can they?

You take the role of King Argos, a valiant Spartan warrior. Once starting the game, after passing the surprisingly short loading screens, you are immediately submerged in the quest. Unfortunately, I have a small gripe with this method. Although less waiting usually is better, a short tutorial would have been greatly appreciated. One can find the controls in the main menu, but it’s just not the same. Having said that, there are only two buttons and a joystick, so it’s not hard to grasp the concept. While I am on the topic of controls, allow me to say that they are superb! They handle just like a high quality PSP game. The cut scenes are fantastic, but the fighting is even better. Button mashing has never been so good on a device that, well, doesn’t have buttons! There is a multitude of weapons to choose from as you progress in the game, and the inclusion of magic is definitely a great feature. The only problem that I have with the fighting is the lag. Although it is almost unnoticeable and occurs only every once in a while, it is still there. This could easily be ironed out in an update, and even if it isn’t, it won’t really interfere with your fun – it’s just the polish that is affected by the flaw. 

sparta11The music is exceptional as well. I don’t know where Gameloft found these tracks, but they fit the game perfectly! The sound is crisp, but my last gripe of the entire game lies within the sound effects. They sound rather cheesy, and remind me of an action figure. But if you are like me, when a game is deep enough, after a while, sound effects become inaudible, as in… you tune them out!.

A skepticism that people may find in Hero of Sparta is in its pick-up-and-play friendliness. I found this game to be great if you want to just play five minutes at a time, instead of three hours (which is also quite possible). The addition of checkpoints and an ability to save whenever you desire, allows for quick sessions of gameplay (not to mention the fast loading times).

sparta2If it’s not obvious, I LOVE this game! I feel that this is definitely one of the more worthy $10 purchases in the entire App Store. It is difficult to describe just how pleasing it is to execute the thrilling combos and final moves. Do yourself a favor and get this game. It’s as close to a PSP game as you can get for the iPhone right now.


Presentation and Graphics:
Graphics are great and the lag is so tiny, you’ll never notice it. 


Music is fantastic, too bad the sound effects detract slightly.


This game is incredibly fun! The controls are great as well, just like a PSP game.


Once you beat the campaign mode on easy, you can play it again on hard, but that is really it. An endless fighting mode, or a different character would have been a nice idea, but there is a lot of gamelife anyway.


Game Rating
Overall, this is a phenomenal game. For only ten dollars, it’s worth every penny. Go get it!

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  • iPGN-Dave

    Good Review Ricky!

  • Jay

    nice review. congrats on the winning Ricky

  • jtrencsenyi

    Great game, great review! HoS is one of the best games on iPhone…

  • pintos-n-cheese

    Hack-n-slash heaven.

  • iPGN-Matt

    Great review, Ricky! You definitely delivered on this. I’m jealous cuz I haven’t played it yet lol

  • nori6

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