Herman the hermit – review

Herman the hermit is a new budget platformer from Capcom’s mobile division…

Best described as Doodle jump meets Canabalt, the game sees you frantically navigating poor old Herman the hermit from floating platform to floating platform. It’s a straight up arcade style experience of survival as you aim for high-scores in a race against the clock.

mzlefcyilse320x480-75Herman begins atop a floating platform and by touching anywhere on the touchscreen and then lifting your finger, Herman will launch himself in that direction. In the tutorial mode this is pretty easy and requires simple logic to gauge where best to tap so Herman follows that arc and lands safely on another platform. However, in the actual game, the screen is constantly moving with platforms flying in from the right. So unfortunately the game becomes more of a frantic tapping exercise, than providing the use of any real aiming skill.

mzlsyvxlxdy320x480-75I would have preferred the gameplay if the level scrolled as you jumped, instead of being on rails. This would give you more time to aim, and a feeling that you are truly battling the clock. As it stands however, it’s a little too frantic to be considered fun, especially for longer play sessions. It doesn’t have the ‘must have’ addictive factor of the likes of Doodle Jump, Canabalt and even Robot Unicorn. It’s a shame too, because Herman the hermit features a fun look and feel, with a genuinely funny lead character. And some of the power ups available to him are pretty cool, such as the rocket and the teleport.

As a budget game it’s certainly not going to break the bank if you want a quick pick-up-and-play title, but there are many better games out there vying for your hard earned bucks.


Herman the hermit is out now for $1.99. get it on the Herman the Hermit - Capcom Interactive, Inc.

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  • Kris

    I picked this game up today, and judging by your review i can tell that you did not play it for long. This game has so much mord depth to it then any other game in the same genre, you actually require some skill to get high scores, if you had played the game for more then à minute you would have noticed how good the controlls are and its à game about feeling, not the aim as you state in your review. My advice, play the game untill you get 1million points atleast and write à new review!

  • Nigel Wood

    Hi Kris. Thanks for your comment. You are certainly welcome to your opinion. But i’m inclined to stick with mine.

  • Austin Morrow


    If I recall on numerous podcasts. TouchGen almost always play through the entire game, why do you think they have such long games, oh, and when are you guys doing another podcast?

    I’m dying without a new one…

  • John

    This game was great, I have been searching for simple and fun games for my kids and they loved this! I got my phone back without any batteries left :)

    I later tried it myself and at first it was a little tricky to get very far but after a while I really got it and then it was awesome.. I really hope they add achievements to get a little more depth to it though..

  • Tom


    I agree with your comment Kris. This is to my opinion one of the best jumper games on Appstore right now. Sure, at first i also tapped all over the screen, but if you play the game a while you understand how good the controlls are, and how accurate you can be with your jumps without even aiming with the red arrow, its all about the feeling and understanding how Herman jumps.

  • Nigel Wood, UK

    Sorry Guys, gonna have to stick with my review. This really isn’t that good a game!

  • Kalle

    Either you like it or you dont, thats how it works with every game. But i really like this game alot, its pure fun. And the swedish people seem to like it just as much as me, because right now its top 10 all genres on the iPhone and its nr 1 on top paid iPad games…..