Here come the Men In Black

Gameloft reveal the first trailer for the official game to 2012’s summer blockbuster, Men In Black 3 – available for free on May 17th on iPhone and iPad…

According to Gameloft, you can be the boss of your own MIB agency in this freemium management game. On the field you’ll embody a young agent, who, with the help of Agent O, Agent K and Frank, will fight against a new threat to humanity lead by the vile Radiant.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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  • Fredrik Jackson

    Ugh… I thought this was a joke.
    Like we don’t have enough of these freemium games.

  • Marcelocollar

    Thank God that those images are not real.

  • VicNuman

    Umm guys….. I think that was really the game