Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise review

Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise is a title reeking of cuteness, and what else could you expect. Kitty needs stuff to pimp her room, and to get stuff apparently she has to launch herself through the air.

You get to launch Kitty by pulling back on her trampoline bungee thingy. The further you pull, the higher she goes. Unless you pulls too hard and the cord breaks, but then you can simply retry the level an instant later.

img_0970Once airborne you control Kitty’s parachute descent by tilting the iPhone. Collecting apples and items increase the score. You get a couple of enemies to avoid during the descent, and if you touch them your lifebar decrease. If you have managed to pick something up you loose it, but can keep going. To refill your lifebar you have to pick up more apples. Your final score is the total sum of launch height and picked up stuff.

There are five different levels available from the start with progressively harder mazes to descend to get the goodies. And that is really the main motivation to play on, collect stuff, and unlocking the five locked stages. You can see how much you have left to collect when you select level. To unlock new levels you have to reach certain scores.

Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise also feature the mentioned room she has to pimp. When first starting the game you only get Kitty in a empty room but soon you will fill it with Hello Kitty merchandise. You can interact with Kitty by tickling her at a couple of different places such as feet and head. Not much to do really, and the room customization is just a matter of choosing what to put in there and where to place it in the room. It all becomes quite cluttered, and my 10-year old said that she rather go back to playing My Sims instead. My 2-year old got bored after a couple of minutes trying to get Kitty to move. I don’t know which age the room part of the game is aimed for but it certainly isn’t for me.

img_3006The parachute game is really hard as well, and I have just managed to unlock one new level so far. My 10-year old gets about half my scores, and she won’t unlock anything for quite some time. On the other hand it is quite an addictive game, and I have found myself playing it more than I would like to admit. If you think that this is a game to let your kids play while you relax you are much mistaken. You will probably have to focus hard to unlock the things your kid can’t.

In conclusion I must say that Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise is a confused game. I guess a kid from age four and up can launch Kitty, and kind of guide her by tilting. But I doubt he or she will manage to unlock anything, and that is kind of the point of the game. Still the interaction with Kitty lacks substance, and I doubt anyone will be entertained by it for more than five minutes. I would have loved to be able to build a house for Kitty, and really make it worthwhile unlocking new things.

img_3009Presentation and graphics


Hello Kitty looks great; from the introduction video to the gameplay it breathes quality. The colours used throughout are bright and vivid. I think that having the level select menu and My Room in landscape mode, and the actual parachute game in portrait mode is a poor design choice. It is annoying to have to turn the iPhone around.



Cute music, and you have a couple of different tracks to choose from. Sound effects aren’t memorable at all, and I had hoped for some cute Japanese shouts or something.

The game fades away your own music.

Game play


img_3002Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise is easy to get into, and hard to actually score to big points. Tilting to guide Kitty works really well, and feels precise. The My Room aspect of the game is really lacking, and could have been omitted completely or released as a separate free application.

Game life


This is the main area of concern, who will play this game? Toddlers get too little to do, kids will find it hard to unlock new levels and hardcore gamers will find it too cute. Probably the only players will be parents who thought they bought the perfect game for their child.

It takes some time to unlock everything but once it has been done there are no online high scores to beat. According to the App Store page the game has online community but I have not found any within the application.

Final rating


Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise is an ok game, although expensive, for anyone looking for a bright, cute yet challenging collecting game. Forget it if you are looking for a game for your child to interact with.

Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise $4.99

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  • Dan

    You’re a bigger man than I for playing this. Kudos.



  • daniela

    it’s a serious game for serious gamers of all ages, and cuteness stops at the graphics (should they have released one of the usual bloodbath games?). For a 2-yr-old it’s hard to go beyond the easiest items and rearranging the room, but slightly older children will enjoy it a lot. Oh by the way, i am the parent and i did not buy the app, my children requested after having downloaded the free version :)