HECTOR: Ep3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom review

Hector is back for his third and final adventure. We ask him to sum it up in his own, frank, words…

I am quite pissed off at just about everything right now. My name is Hector, and apparently I am all that stands between the ordinary depravity of Clappers Wreake and something much worse. This is the final stretch to it all, and I long for it all to end. I want to go back to my ordinary job as a copper busting gangs, and frisking prostitutes. Saving the world simply takes too much effort. The fact that I also have to cooperate with that asswipe Lambert really gets my innards in turmoil. This is it, it is beyond reasonable doom.

img_4640I hope you all know who I am already. I am a copper with both brains, and brawn. Perhaps my brawn is a bit hidden inside my manly gut, but I sure as heck have some. In this the third part I am tortured viciously on a treadmill, forced to talk to Lambert repeatedly, and somehow I am also the only hope for this poor doomed city.

This third chapter of my life primarily takes place in two locations: the countryside, and Clapfest. There is a nice old lady at the info booth who gives me a map to quickly travel between the locations at Clapfest, but my travels feel quite restricted in terms of size. The puzzles I have had to endure are about as hard, and long, as those found in my earlier escapades. For some reason it all feels like a mad dash to the finish. There was a long wait to get the second chapter, but here we are again just a week later.

img_4642There are loads of funny connections, and a whole lot of loose ends are tied up. This is brilliant script writing at work, so it is clear that Lambert has not come near the type writer. Blind Ali, Filthy Rich, huge dildo, and the final solution to the story all mixes really well. Sure, some of it has been predictable from the start, but there are still a few surprises. The ending is just as fun, as the long haul to get there.

Everything looks like it should at Clapfest, with a filled portapotty, some weird foreign food, and a wicked ride. Everything sounds the part too, even that weird DJ with his fart buttons. It would probably sound better if the DJ had half the brain of a donut, but sadly as a DJ that is all he is left with.

img_4649I guess you all will miss me punters, but I won’t really miss you all that much. This is my grand finale, and as with most things that end, it fails to hold the same interest, and flame alive as earlier moments in my life. I still think you owe it to yourself to play the entire trilogy, if nothing else than to see me on a treadmill in the middle of shit.

Final Rating


Hector: Ep3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom $4.99
Version: 1.0

Hector: Ep3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom HD $6.99 iPad only
Version: 1.0
Seller: Telltale Games

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