HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice review

Oi I am back you tossers. Thought I was dead? Hoped I had taken my last foul breath? I might be made out of lard, but by gods soft stuff deals better with impacts than hard stuff. Just try throwing a helmet, and a flimsy hat from a building. I bet ya the helmet will be proper cracked. But I digress, and being Hector I am blimming allowed to. It is me game you know. It doesn’t say smegging Nigel or Thomas in the title.

img_4545I was left at a bit of a cliff-hanger after the first episode, and if you haven’t played that one then you better. Anyway the terrorist tried to kill me, and still tries in the beginning of my second episode. Seeing as I am the one doing all the talking now it seems he messed it up yet again. With catlike reflexes, gut filled with bravery and a masculine yet somehow metro sexual style I managed to escape.

I could have done it all by myself, but of course that tosspot Lambert had to stick around to help me out. Instead of just walking in my pants you get to walk about in Lamberts shoes. Incompetence is thankfully not contagious, and you won’t be affected by Lambert. Much in the same way as you can’t affect me. Switching between us is as easy as touching our mugs found in the lower left corner.

img_4543So what can you expect from the puzzles in the game? A lot of talking, a lot of trying to figure out how to get to stuff you know you need. This is not CSI work where you have to look for clues, but instead most clues are blatantly obvious. You will also be defiled by hookers, crazy gun selling manicuring Doreen, and Lambert will have the worst day of his life. In short it is more or less your daily routine, as a copper of the law in Clappers Wreake.

The presentation is sleek, polished and yes it is the best performing game published by Telltale. What else could you expect from a game featuring me? All tossers, hookers, and terrorists are properly voiced. Humour is key in the game, and the level is quite low. Yeah sometimes the lower intestines feel right at home with the content on offer.

As you might expect, if you aren’t complete ballbags, is that this is another episode ending in suspense. A nutter from the first episode returns with a sinister plot. It will take most of you lot at least four hours to complete, and some stupid reviewers will probably need more than that. No matter what you will have a really great time poking around in me world. If you are new to the series you have to start with the first game. Not only because you get to walk in my shoes longer, but because there is actually a plot to all of this.

img_4548Hector: Ep2 is the most fun, crude and foul point and click adventure for iOS. Start with Ep1, and soon you will sit eagerly awaiting the final episode as well. Good puzzles, extreme personalities, and a complete disregard for being politically correct makes the game memorable, and replayable. Get it, or in the word of Hector: get it or be ballbags.

Final Rating


HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice $4.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Telltale, Inc.

HECTOR Ep2 HD – Senseless Acts of Justice $6.99 iPad only

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  • Umair

    Best Game ! love u Hector