Heavy Mach. Review

Heavy Mach. is a little difficult to describe. You play a tank, a jumping tank. A jumping tank that can level up. Although it’s not very easy to describe the unique gameplay in Heavy Mach. it is easy to tell you it is fun.

To control your tank tilt your phone left and right, to jump there is a button (looks like a lever) that will allow you to jump. To shoot, use your other finger to point in the direction you want to shoot. The controls are simple and intuitive. Because you use your finger to shoot sometimes your finger can get in the way. However, because you don’t have to touch your target to shoot them, most of the time it’s not a problem. During my time with the game I didn’t find it be a problem

416840_3As you play the game you get experience for for each baddie you kill. After getting enough experience you level up. As you level up you get to choose what upgrade to make. You can choose to upgrade your movement (speed and agility), your defense, or your attack. I chose movement at first to focus on avoidance, then attack. After a certain point on movement you get a double jump, which is really awesome.

In addition to the level up system there are plenty of in game power-ups.  These include health, temporary ability upgrades, and extra weapons. You can push a button in the game to switch out your standard gun for a upgraded grenade launchers, bombs, and air strikes. I try to save the air strikes for the bosses, but sometimes the enemies get so chaotic you have to use it to clear the enemies out.


The game plays a lot like Metal Slug, and reminds me a lot of Blaster Master, it’s certainly as fun. The difficulty escalates well, but in case you feel stuck you can replay earlier levels, level up your tank, then come back to the hard level again. This is a great solution for keeping players from getting stuck.

The weakest point of the game is probably with the sound. In general the sound effects are good and crisp. The problem I have is that the main weapon gun sound is a bit loud and sharp. Considering how much you have to shoot, it would be nice to have this sound be a little softer, like they did in iDracula. Also there is no music and if you try to play your own before you start up the game the game will stop it.

Graphics & Presentation
The graphics are brilliant, it’s very detailed and there is a lot of colors, and different environments & levels to play in. The enemies are varied and the explosions and special effects are awesome.

The sounds that are in the game are good, but we need the option to play our own music.

This is where Heavy Mach. excels. This game is just so much fun to play.

The game is split into 6 missions with a total of 30 stages providing a lot of gameplay. The developers have even promised more in future updates.

Game Rating

This is one of the best platformers on the iPhone to date. There is tons of content, lots of variety in the levels and enemies, upgrade, power-ups and more. It’s a steal for any price under $10, but you can get it now for only 99 cents. (On sale from $2.99)

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  • Jay

    i dont really like this game. good game though


    I love it!

  • Adam

    Awesome game. Just got it today, it is the closest thing to metal slug on the app store right now.

  • Nacho Andrade, USA

    That’s a good way to describe it. It’s very much like metal slug.