Happy Street review

If I could live on Happy Street, well I would.

One of my neighbors used to listen to bad eurotechno the entire evenings, and another used to smoke right outside my window because she didn’t want the smoke to reach her own flowers. I have had neighbors that started tightening their sundeck from six in the morning until seven all summer. Other neighbors have had allergies against rabbits, and kept them. Just imagine that cough. Now I have neighbors that spend all their time repairing, and repainting their house making me feel bad when I just want to relax during my vacation. What I want to say is that a place such as Happy Street is the ultimate lie, and I can’t wait to spend some time there.

I have been playing Happy Street for weeks now, all since the early launch in Canada. A lot has happened since the first version, and now the population in the land of Happy Street has exploded. Being at level 15 I do get a lot of requests for items, and the social aspect is really easy to get into. For newcomers there is a chance to ask more experienced players for help getting special items for example.

So what is Happy Street about? Basically it is a game where you slowly build a street filled with wacky animals. There are two currencies in the game: coins, and flooz. You get coins by the animals buying items in your stores, playing your games and by selling your produce. There are also special missions, and requests that grant you extra cash. Flooz is the IAP currency that you can gain slowly by playing the different games, fulfilling missions and leveling up. There is also flooz to be gained by helping your friends performing tasks on their streets.

Calling Happy Street a game is a bit of a stretch, as it is true freemium experience. There is however some minigames such as memory that require a bit of skill. How you place your buildings also affect income, and there are bonus effects by placing certain buildings next doors. Most of the experience is about tapping buildings to restock them, choosing what to produce, chopping timber/mining stone by tapping and fishing.

For some reason I am enjoying myself in the world of Happy Street. Perhaps it is the fact that I never feel forced to go there all the time. Playing Tiny Tower, or Pocket Planes meant I always listen to notifications to restock or reroute. Happy Street keeps going without me constantly checking in.

I will keep at Happy Street for quite some time just to see how much I can expand my street without using any IAP. So far after weeks I haven’t spent a single dollar on IAP, and that makes Happy Street just as playable for free as Tiny Tower. The fact that the interface is well designed, and the entire game has a Godzilab level of polish also helps longtime appeal.

And on Happy Street I enjoy not having any of my real life neighbors dropping by.

Final Rating


Happy Street Free Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.3
Seller: Godzilab

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  • Nadav Bar Kama

    hi Torbjorn, 
    you work in the game industry, you earn your living, from it. it wouldn’t be a bad idea to support it. your supper effort to play as far as you can, as long as you can without buying API is so off the point. it seems as if its your objective … in general, if buying API increases the game experience  … isn’t it worth it?