Happy Sheep Review

The sheep are happy, but will you be after playing their game?

Puzzle games that get your brain pumping are all the rage on iOS. Ever since the Angry Birds took over the iOS gaming scene, physics puzzlers have become a key genre for game developers. Happy Sheep is another entry into that realm, but it comes with a slight difference: it’s actually really freaking hard.

In Happy Sheep, the player’s objective is to guide colored sheep down conveyer belts to have them land in the bucket that matches the sheep’s color. It sounds simple enough, but when there are multiple sheep and objects that blow the sheep up coming down at once, things can get really hectic quickly. When enough sheep make it into their bucket, the level is completed. If too many sheep miss, the game is over.

Each level is scored based on three categories, and the player’s success is based on each of them. A level can still be completed even if only the correct number of sheep are dropped into the buckets, but players looking for the perfect score will also need to be quick and not let too many sheep perish.

Controlling the game is done by tapping the conveyer belts to change their direction and by sliding the buckets at the bottom of the screen to make sure the sheep actually land in the correct one. They work well, and I never found myself losing a sheep because of difficulties with the controls.

That being said, as I progressed to later levels, I did find myself losing plenty of sheep because of the aforementioned difficulty. Less than halfway through the game I found it to be a real struggle to get the sheep in the buckets because there was just too much going on. I am all for a challenge, but often it felt like there was little I could have done to avoid losing. Players looking for a hard game will love Happy Sheep, but those looking for a relaxing, casual puzzle game may not enjoy this as much.

The visuals in the game are good, but the background get a little old after a while. The music, while cheerful and happy, gets old as you progress through the levels. Some of the sound effects in the game can prove a little annoying, and I generally found myself playing this game with the sound muted.

Overall, Happy Sheep is a solid puzzle game, but it has some issues. The sound in the game is less than stellar, and the difficulty ramps up extremely quickly. Those looking for a casual, relaxing puzzle game should stay away. Players looking for a game that will challenge (and possibly frustrate them) will love Happy Sheep.

Happy Sheep is available free for a limited time (normally costs $.99) for iPhone. Get it from the App Store.

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