Gun Bros 2 Review

Is that a gun in your pocket…oh, it is.

I personally think ‘Gun Bros 2’ can be described not as an unsubtle arcade shoot-em-up where two muscular brutes with enormous biceps and small heads blast the snot out of everything that moves with a range of ridiculous weaponry, but as an accurate videogame representation of what’s going on in most gamer’s heads. We may act like we want depth of story line  character and all that jazz, but what we’re really thinking about is oiled-up bodybuilders shooting holes in things with M16s. Why do you think Call of Duty sells so well?

‘Gun Bros 2’ isn’t exactly that, but it’s all the same principle – man+guns = fun. It’s the sequel to ‘Gun Bros’ where you take control of one of two Bros from the Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Enforcement Division (F.R.A.G.G.E.D) – Percy or Francis Gun – and proceed to knock off multiple waves of enemies across 3D isometric levels of carnage while defending the galaxy from the T.O.O.L insurgency. Yes, this game has its tongue stuck firmly in cheek.

Subtlety isn’t really its thing. It throws so much your way in terms of weapons, upgrades, options, press this, select this, tap this button right here, GUN, GUN, GUN…it’s chaos. The rather confusing UI doesn’t help either and could do with a bit of streamlining. However you get the idea that the completely over the top, in your face presentation is exactly the point. Ever spoken to an excited teenager who keeps saying ‘And then…and then…and then’ every few seconds? Welcome to the videogame version of that.

Hop into the game and the sledgehammer over the head continues. The visuals are loud and garish, with environments made up only of what’s absolutely necessary to convey the sense of GUN. There’s a lot of colour, but little detail; as a result the arenas begin to get boring quickly. It doesn’t help there isn’t that much in the way of variation either. Imaginative? Not. The massive bosses are pretty cool though.

Also nice is the way you can recruit your friends levelled-up Bros in your multiplayer game for extra help via Facebook. So you can actually get your real bros in on the action. Art imitating life? Only if all your friends have heads the size of M&Ms.

Controls consist of twin sticks for firing and movement – one handles your left/ right, up and down, while rotating the other allows you to GUN in any direction.  And speaking of guns (which I think we are), there are a heck of a lot of them, and they’re all way bigger than your character’s pea-head.

If ‘Gun Bros 2’ has anything going for it, it’s the obvious plethora of GUN. There’s a multitude of ways to eject bullets from barrel, with some imaginative variations, temporary-use vehicles such as burly tanks, upgrades, mods which give your weapon secondary firing abilities and a range of armour. At the top end of the scale, there are some truly mouth-watering-looking contraptions. Mouth-watering-looking. Yes, that’s what I said.

But of course, as games these days are wont to do, you’ll be forced to grind like hell to even get a sniff.  By the time you get there, as well as having approximately 16 more grey hairs than when you last checked, you might also be pretty bored. You see ‘Gun Bros 2’ isn’t exactly engrossing; it’s actually repetitive at best. There’s an initial piquing of interest as you hoist those oversized bits of kit around, putting colourful things out of their misery, but it’s not enough to keep you coming back long term. So those exotic WMDs at the upper level of the armoury may go completely untouched when all’s said and done. And that, bro, is a crying shame.

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‘Gun Bros 2′ is free to play for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Get it on the Gun Bros 2 - Glu Games Inc.



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