Guitar Rock Tour Review

Review by Dave LeClair

For some reason this game seems to be going a little bit under the radar, and why is completely beyond me. Is it the price tag, or people just not getting what the game is about. I’m not too sure what it is, but I mean come on, it’s basically Guitar Hero for your freakin’ iPhone, need I say more? Well technically yes, I guess I do need to say more because if that was all I needed to say, my job would be a lot easier. Well to read the more that I need to say, click the link that says more, and check it out!

The iPhone, is a phone, right? It’s also an iPod, right? An iPod is a music device, right? Well then doesn’t it seem like the perfect platform for a Guitar Hero type of game? I think so, and apparently GameLoft agrees with me, and that is why they have made Guitar Rock Tour on our beloved iPhones. (Yes, the the name is kind of a corny mash up of Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band, but I can let that slide.) It’s a pretty solid game that features all “real” songs, I use quotes because they are all covers of the original.

For those unfamiliar with Guitar Hero or Rock Band, the basic idea is to hit the falling notes as they cross to the bottom of your screen in tune with the music. In this game that is done by tapping the proper note. It’s a basic concept that has become one of the biggest phenomenons in the video game world, and it’s no surprise that a game in the genre would end up on the iPhone.

So now that we got the basics out of the way, let me dive right into it, the game starts with a very nice cut-scene animation, and from then on you can tell that the game looks damn good. After that you are put into the menu where you can choose to either play the career mode, or quick play. If you would like to access the compete list of songs you must first finish the career mode, which is par for the course in music games. Not that that’s a bad thing because the career mode is a lot of fun. It takes from being a little no body in your garage to a mega superstar rocking arena.

In Guitar Rock Tour, you can either play the drums of guitar. I found the guitar to be a little more fun then drums, just because it’s a little more challenging. There is only 2 drums to hit (technically 3, since when both drums come down at the same time you hit the cymbal), while there are 4 frets on guitar, so I just found it be a little bit tougher, and therefor more fun. That’s not to say the drums are bad, because they are still a lot of fun to play.

The game offers a pretty impressive track list, ranging from Blink 182 to Deep Purple, so there is something for every style of musical taste. As previously mentioned, all of the songs are covers, and some of the covers are kind of bad. However, I found myself so excited to playing a game like this for my iPhone that I really didn’t care about the quality of covers. That doesn’t mean bad covers are passable, and if you are looking to play songs that sound just like original, I’d pass on this game then.

As much as I wanted this to be the best game ever, it’s not. There are some timing issues with the notes and when you tap, and also a some frame-rate problems. So sometimes you miss when you feel like you shouldn’t have. That isn’t the only problem either, the game is a memory hog, so every time you want to play it, you will have to restart your phone beforehand or it’s going to crash as soon as you actually get into a song. I feel like that’s not so much the games fault as the platform itself, but none the less, having to restart every time before playing will without a doubt detract from your overall fun with the game.

Overall, the game is a lot of fun, but it does have some flaws that keep it from being perfect such as bad some bad covers, memory and some timing issues. However, it is completely worth checking out if you are into Guitar Hero, because while these issues exist, the game is still a ton of fun to play, and with updates, may become one of the better games on the iPhone.

Presentation & Graphics

The graphics are mind blowing for an iPhone.. actually just for a game in general. This game has the best graphics I have seen on an iPhone game. It looks almost as good as it’s console brother it borrows it’s game play from.


The quality of the sound is very good, but the songs are all covers, and not very good ones at that.


The core game is a ton of fun, but with major memory issues and some framerate problems, it can feel kind of inaccurate.

Game life:

The career mode is good, but the game does not offer a lot of songs, so it may get old quickly.

Game rating:

Final word:

Guitar Rock Tour is a lot of fun, but it has some pretty major flaws that keep it from being perfect, but if you love music games, it’s still worth playing, even though the $9.99 price tag is a little steep. While I know it’s a little off, considering I’m only giving it a 3.5, it still gets an editors choice award.

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  • Nizy

    Mostly agree with your review. I thought the covers are decent. What 1 guy likes, another dislikes.

    I would love to see a DLC track pack for this game or even another version with different songs.

  • iPGN-Dave

    Yea DLC would make the game’s life a lot better, I just hope it’s free DLC!