GudeBalls Review

How do these balls size up?
You may have heard our immature remarks about GudeBalls on our last podcast. Sure, it’s got balls in it. Who could resist? Erm… not us?

Anyways my initial impressions of GudeBalls told me that this was a cheaply made, one-man-developer,  match-4 game. While this is pretty much true, GudeBalls managed to keep me entertained due to it’s intuitive play, creative level design and use of new obstacles to keep things interesting.



The goal of the game is to make wheels explode all the wheels on the level by filling them up with the same color ball. You can transfer balls from one wheel to another along tracks, and you can still fill up wheels after they have exploded. The gameplay starts out basic, and gets absolutely frantic due the time bar that’s always going down. It resets as soon as a new ball appears, but as long as there are no places available in the wheels, the ball will bounce back and forth on the top of the screen. This requires you to constantly rotate and shift balls around, all while trying to bring the colors together. This game is not for the feint of multitasking! As the game progresses, you come across increasingly difficult levels that will both challenge and frustrate.

I say this game will frustrate, because it uses one CHRISTMAS song for the entire game, which sounds like it’s played with a MIDI keyboard on some sort of bell instrument setting.

This level is much harder than it looks.

This level is much harder than it looks.

I have no idea why this was used, but it’s annoying as hell, and doesn’t fit the game at all. The graphics also leave something to be desired. It’s a pet peeve of mine when games use the default dark blue iPhone pop-up window for anything; to me it’s a cheap shortcut. This game has plenty of that, along with an opening menu that looks like a straight of jpeg with some areas mapped out for buttons.

Presentation & Graphics
Definitely very average, if not slightly subpar for an iPhone game. Animation is descent. Real menus please? And god, no blue iPhone pop-ups!


One annoying Christmas song. Can I give this a half star?


OMG it’s a semi-intuitive match-4 game! Whodathunkit? Control is very precise, and the increasing difficulty of levels, along with added obstacles, keep things fresh and challenging.


There are enough levels in Gudeballs to keep you going for a while. The frantic pace of this game will probably have you taking breaks, which in turn makes for longer game play, which… is good?

Game Rating

First impressions aside, GudeBalls entertained me for much longer than I expected. If you can get over the horrible music, as well as some of the graphical/GUI shortcuts that were taken, GudeBall is a unique puzzle game that will challenge you and surprise you. I hope the developers can add a couple coats of paint and some gloss to really make it shine.

GudeBalls – $.99

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  • zackgarb

    Worth every penny!

    I bought and ended up playing for hours. Its cool, addictive, hope some more levels soon.

  • marcelo


  • Rob Star

    Please go better in contact with the right holder of Logical. You have not the rights to publish this game and make money with this. This handling is the decline of fair developers.