Grudger review

Running through factories, jumping pipes and collecting aluminium: meet Grudger.

The game Grudger is a clone derived from Mirror´s Edge, but with far inferior presentation, story and controls. What Grudger has going for it is the fact that there aren´t that many games along these lines where you have constant running combined with some slight exploration. So should you pick this one up if you are done with Mirror´s Edge, and Captain America?

No, I don’t really think so based on three arguments:
For one the presentation is bland, and quite boring. Our hero Grudger is as uninteresting as he could ever be. No real reason to run about, and it can’t be saved by having a couple of pipes, and clockworks making it all “steampunk”. If you wanted to go all out along the steampunk in this kind of game you should have given Grudger some cool gadgets. If he had been more along the lines of Inspector Gadget he would have had more personality.
The level design for the most part is quite repetitive, and combined with the less than perfect collision detection you get to replay some parts quite a lot. This at times delayed detection combined with controls that don’t always respond the way I expect makes for frustration.
The third argument is that this is quite a short game with only 30 levels. You might have to spend quite some time to beat those levels, but the experience doesn’t evolve at all.

Finding all the aluminium bars in the levels is the best part of the game, which I kind of though about the corresponding activity in Mirror´s Edge. The exploration can become limited due to the nature of the collision detection making small jumps quite unpredictable.

A survival mode can be unlocked after getting enough of these aluminium bars. Seeing as it isn’t connected to Game Center it feels like a missed opportunity to at least gain some interest by competing gamers. A lack of achievements also limits the game life. Instead you get some hidden Easter eggs to find.

Grudger isn’t the fun experience I had expected from a game following the formula from Mirror´s Edge. A lack of personality turns what should be a cool steampunk future into a bland run through what looks like an industrial area in the mid eighties.

Final Rating


Grudger $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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  • Steven

    I personally like the game, no idea why the review is that bad.

  • Burhan Erdal

    i like this game too, its just an awesome game.. better than most that can i say..

  • Me

    Game is great. Review sucks.