Grow Away review

Monsters on a diet might be the most lethal enemy ever.

Ok, now I have heard more or less every story imaginable by an unlimited number of monkeys with typewriters, and unlimited time. Monsters sick of junk food are ignoring the obvious human way of problem-solving with some gastric bypass surgery, or excessive alcohol consumption. Instead these monsters opt to go for a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise. I have tried a lot of diets, and it is a fact that you get grumpy. Imagine then monsters with sugar withdrawal, and an obsessive need for cabbage. Imagine then that the cabbage, carrots and pumpkins fight back. Needless to say you are in for a slop bucket of a battlefield.

Grow Away is a catapult flinging game somewhere in the area between Plants vs Zombies, and Angry Birds. You fling you veggies at the monsters by pulling back on the slingshot. Hold to charge a special attack that is often needed to ward of the enemy, or stop them for a while. The monsters move in waves, and you have to defeat all in one wave before the next appear. This makes the game less intense than it could be, as you can take it easy once you have gotten rid of the worst monsters in a wave.

There is a lot of focus on IAP in Grow Away. There are two different kinds of currency: gold and gems. The gold lets you purchase instant attacks for example. Gems are scarce, and you get about one or two each level. Using gems is key to be able to use more diverse vegetable allies. It is also used to give you strong powerups in battle. The game might not be impossible to beat without IAP, but it keeps reminding me that not using IAP is much harder.

The presentation is cute, but nothing special. Actually it feels slightly tired, and just like a tin of spam it feels mass-produced and canned for a marked not really caring about quality as long as it kills a few hours. The music has the same casual tone to it that is there, and yet I have no idea that it is there. Like elevator muzak for the young generation.

Grow Away suffers from not being that fun in the long run with a lot of repetition, and gameplay that isn’t interesting enough. After the first ten levels you kind of know what it is about, and from that point it doesn’t mix things up enough to keep me going. A shame since the enemies clashing are quite interesting in itself.

Final Rating


Grow Away $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Chillingo Ltd.

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