Greed Corp HD review

Corporations are greedy, that is a well-known fact. Otherwise they wouldn’t be corporations, but stay as family owned businesses. In Sweden the greed has gotten into corporations caring for the elderly, and that is far beyond what is ok in my book. In the world of Greed Corp there are no innocent bystanders, but there is also no clear winner. To win you have to lose recourses, and as those are scarce it is like a win in Mad Max. Sure you will get some extra gas, but you just wasted a couple of good bullets killing the bad guys.

Greed Corp is a turn based strategy game where attack is just as important, as proper resource management. At times attacking, and the mining of recourses go hand in hand. At these kamikaze like moves I feel a bit awkward sacrificing my land, and my harvestor unit. Most battles are close shaves in this game, and that is what makes it so darn compelling. Amassing huge numbers is seldom the way to win it, but rather to make those tide changing moves forcing the opponent to attack or withdraw is what wins it.

gc3I have played Greed Corp on the PS3 for some time, and the strategic gameplay is great. What is even better having it ported to the iPad is the fact that it is much better suited played as a game of chess in my lap. Going from a joypad to the touchscreen takes some getting used to. Especially since the transition isn’t all that smooth. I think there are too many taps to do to build, or move units. To move a troop you first tap it, then you tap where to move, then you select number of units with a small slider, and then you tap to confirm. Building takes a couple of extra taps as well. Still it doesn’t affect the gameplay that much since you aren’t in a hurry making your move.

The maps in Greed Corp are limited, and so are both resources and the units you can produce. Actually you can only build harvestors, armories to build troops, cannons, troops, ammo for cannons and transporters to carry troops. This limitation of choices to make actually makes all choices more intense, and more important. The enemy has the same selection, and there are no mega cannons to deploy in the heat of battle to turn the tide. You have to plan ahead to have the cannon in striking range when the enemy tries to invade, and move your troops before the enemy sacrifices a harvestor destroying the road.

gc2The tutorial is lengthy, and lets you do everything yourself instead of simply telling you with a video. This hand on approach gives newcomers a quick road into the game. There are also extensive manuals to read within the game on the different aspects of the game. With a campaign covering 24 maps it has enough to warrant a purchase for the single player experience alone. Where it shines though is in the multiplayer mode. It works cross platform, and with both local and online players. 2, 3 or 4 players depending on your skill, and available opponents. One thing I would have liked to see is an asynchronous multiplayer mode so I could play the game casually like for example Carcassone. This is something that would elevate the game significantly.

mzlhqwmxxgn480x480-75The presentation is not that hot on my iPad 2 screen. Jagged surfaces, muddy colours and an overall disappointing resolution make it quite ugly. The game looks so much better on my PS3, and it saddens me that not more effort has gone into making it a perfect fit for the iPad. The music is cool with a steampunk jazz groove to it.

Greed Corp is a great multiplayer experience that allows for quite quick matches. The single player campaign is good as well with an AI that at times shreds me to pieces. What isn’t that good is the lack of graphical polish, and the quite clumsy controls. Still it is a highly recommendable game that allows for some cool strategies.

Final Rating


Greed Corp HD $4.99 iPad Only
Version: 1.0
Seller: Invictus Games Ltd.

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