Graveyard Shift – review

Graveyard Shift is a fun although short game that will either leave you laughing out loud or crying from disappointment.

Graveyard Shift starts with a comic book intro showing your character as a lovestruck teenager who needs some extra dosh to impress a girl, so you do what any guy in his position would do. You work the GraveYard Shift! What you don’t know is when the clock strikes twelve the dead come to life and it’s your job to get them back in their coffins using the power of Logic!

mzldueghxwh320x480-75The visuals on the iPhone are sharp and well detailed but when played on the iPad it’s obvious that they are stretched out and not upscaled properly, making the intro and main game look pixelated and fuzzy.

Graveyard Shift is a tower destruction game that uses the ‘tap to eliminate’ controls we’ve seen in other iphone games but unlike other games you have well executed rag doll physics in play, that at times will leave you laughing at your iPhone when the skeleton falls in awkward and embarrassing positions. As with all ragdoll physics your undead friend will fall each and every way possible on the journey back to his grave dependant on the blocks you eliminate.

The levels start out pretty simple and get harder as you progress with a good level of variety. As the levels move forward, more objects are introduced, such as exploding boxes that you will use to either launch blocks or bones himself, immovable objects and objects of the same colour that only dissolve when they touch. The difficulty of the game though is very easy and you won’t get any real head scratchers here. I was able to plough through the full version in just over an hour, so don’t expect too much longevity here, especially if you’re going to drop $2.99 on it. Try the lite version first and if you find yourself wanting more, purchase the full game.

Graveyard Shift doesn’t comprise of much more then the standard levels and then trying to beat your highscore, but it’s addictive and unless you pace yourself you will finish it in one sitting. The lack of any community features is a big miss for Game & Mash where you could have challenged friends for highscore like with DoodleJump etc…

Presentation and Graphics


The visuals are sharp and set the mood with a ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ feel to them. The game is labelled as playable natively on both both devices but fails to impress on the iPad.



The creepy soundtrack suits the atmosphere of the game and the sound effects are spot on, but there’s an obvious lack of iPod support. I also would have thrown in some funny voice sounds for every knock your skeleton takes.



Average controls and gameplay here as you would expect for any game of this type but nothing new


The entire game took me just over an hour to complete and the little replay value would be something to think about before you buy the full version at $1.99

Final rating


Graveyard Shift isn’t a bad game, but it does leave you feeling you haven’t got your money’s worth when your done.

Graveyard Shift is out now $2.99. Get it on the Graveyard

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