The Walking Dead

Chaos Rings 2


Rayman Jungle Run

Battle Academy

Winner: The Walking Dead

Runner up: Rayman Jungle Run

It’s really no surprise that The Walking Dead is our game of the year, having scooped our Best Adventure, Best Art, Best Sound, Best Developer and Best iPad Game awards for 2012. From the 1st chapter to the last, we were emotionally invested in the story and the characters, particularly that of Lee, and of course Clementine. Released over an 8 month period, the game is a showcase for episodic content, giving the consumer in-app purchases that are worth every penny (it’s the cheapest way to play all 5 episodes when compared to other platforms). Point and click adventures can be slow and uneventful affairs, but The Walking Dead manages to balance storytelling with exploration perfectly, throwing in shocking and scary twists and turns that require hard decisions to be made by the player. The art perfectly captures the look and feel of the graphics novels it borrows from, and the sound and graphics engine allow for emotional performances from every characters, large and small. A masterpiece in interactive entertainment!

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  • igotdatfosho

    200% agree with this. Such an amazing game!

  • nizy

    Great choice for GOTY and that would be my choice too. And good to see the very excellent Rayman Jungle Run getting the runners up spot and iPhone GOTY.

  • paulinesonia

    I heard that

    The Walking Dead
    will be on sale on the PSV, this is a good game

  • victorialovebeats

    This game in this generation console performance is quite eye-catching, and then with beats by dre executive there immersive sense of terror,