Go Go Rescue Squad:Review

Fans of Toki Tori needing more puzzle action need look no further than Go Go Rescue Squad.

Being a fan of 16-bit games, the visual style of Go Go Rescue Squad immediately drew me in. While I came for the art, I stayed for the puzzles. The game controls in a similar fashion to Toki Tori, and bears another similarity in that the game consists of puzzles played out on a two dimensional series of individual screens.

gogorescue2You control a squad of firemen, presumably the Go Go Rescue Squad, that have set out to escort civilians out of burning buildings. Puzzles in Rescue Squad are based off of a cast of A.I. types called Darwins that will interact with the environments in different ways. Some climb ladders, others scream and leap from ledges, and others still wander about like helpless sheep. It is by integrating the behaviors that different Darwins exhibit with variations in the building types that Go Go Rescue Squad crafts its engaging scenarios. For instance: one may have to throw a fire extinguisher to a Darwin that will then take the extinguisher up a ladder and clear a path for other Darwins. As the levels grow to be more complex, so does the risk of making a mistake.

Messing up in Go Go Rescue Squad is easy to do. If one throws a Darwin to the wrong part of the screen the entire progression of the level can be ruined. Fortunately Rescue Squad has a time rewind mechanic that allows one to correct their blunders by going back ā€œnā€ amount of seconds. This mechanic is handy, but I felt that I ended up using all too often to correct mistakes that came about due to an error in controls. In fact, the entire interface feels a bit sluggish in Rescue Squad. The system used to pick up and throw items works, but I cannot help but feel there is a better way to handle that situation. Similarly, the controls used to navigate the level selection can often result in selecting a level unintentionally.

gogorescue3In the grand scheme of things, these minor gripes about the controls are just that: minor gripes. Those who enjoyed Toki Tori will likely have fun with Rescue Squad, and those simply looking for more portable puzzles to feed their addiction will not walk away disappointed. While there is not a lite version available, the full version can be purchased on the app store for $2.99.



I am a sucker for the art style of Go Go Rescue Squad. While it may not floor players with detailed textures or silky-smooth framerates, its overall style won me over.



Lackluster, iTunes support would have been a treat.



Frustrating at times, but then again that is the most common fate on our beloved platform is it not? While the player can do all that is required of him/her, the control scheme can be aggravating and is not adjustable in any way.



Go Go Rescue Squad packs in quite a bit of content. For the amount one is paying, a generous amount of levels are packed into the game. If Rescue Squad gets you hooked, you can look forward to large amounts of playtime.

Final Score

For those who enjoy puzzles as much as I do, Go Go Rescue Squad is worth the investment.


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