Glyph review

By Nigel Wood

Glyph from Astraware is a colour matching puzzle game. “Oh no, not another one” I hear you cry. Yes, but Glyph at least tries to be different by offering a deeper experience and added challenges. “Oh, that’s ok then” you sigh.

There is a story element that sees you saving the dying world of Kuros through the use of ancient Glyphs. Stories are not original for this type of game, but this one does fit well.

The game requires you to clear rows of the same colour jewels, which, in turn removes a layer of stone beneath them. Remove enough stone and you’ll see a section of Glyph appear through it. Once the full glyph is revealed the level is complete. Along the way you’ll earn power ups with various powers such as turning nearby jewels to the same colour, or clearing whole areas with one touch. As you collect the glyphs they’ll link together and reveal more levels and story elements. At certain points in the game, you must complete a ‘Simon says’ style music mini game. It’s nice little addition and adds some variety.

As well as the story mode, there is an action mode too which offers you increasingly challenging levels of pure match colour action. Again these spice up the variety and add some life to the game once you have completed the story mode.


Presentation and graphics

Astraware have done a good job on the presentation. Production values are high for this type of game. The graphics are crisp and well drawn, and the fantasy style gels well with the story. My only criticism is that the jewels are quite small, and while it wasn’t a problem for me, people with fat fingers my struggle with accuracy.



A good soundtrack, a mix of fantasy with an asian influence. Some clicks and pops from the compression can bring down the overall audio quality, but its not a deal breaker.



Yes we’ve seen it before, but Glyph strives to be different, with its story mode and added variety of mini games and the action mode. It can seem a bit easy to begin with, but will require more thought from you in later levels. And the action mode ups the challenge.



Added variety to both the story mode and the action mode ensures that Glyph doesn’t grow stale to quickly.


Game rating

Final word

A solid effort from Astraware, especially in this crowded genre of match the colour puzzlers. if you love this type of game I’d recommend picking it up. Glyph is available now for $4.99 (£2.99)

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