Globetrotters iPad Review

One thing the iPad brings to the table, that the iPhone and iPod Touch never could is same device multiplayer. The screen on the other devices is just too small to have multiple people wiping their fingers along the screen. Globetrotters looks to make good use of this extra screen real estate by delivering the first 4 player game that I have ever seen on idevice.

The game play in Globetrotters is incredibly simple. It is played with only one button. The idea of the game is have your little guy run around a bunch of planets, and as you do the planet will shrink. As the planet shrinks you get points. The first player to get 1000 points wins the game. The planets all have gravity, and they pull you towards them. The only button is the boost button, which, as your little guy flips through the air, allow to propel him in the direction you wish to have him go. When you run into an opponent, your character will jump over him, which of course makes you lose points, because you aren’t touching a planet. This does make for some pretty interesting strategy, because you want to try to pick a planet that doesn’t have an opponent on it.

There is a bunch of different levels with varying planet sizes. The question is: do you go for the big planet and stay on it, or go for the small planets and move on quick? It’s a cool give and take, where you have to choose what is right for you.

Playing with 4 people worked very well, because there is only 1 button. The buttons are placed on the 4 corners of the screen.

All that said, the problem with the game is that it’s more like a novelty toy then a game. It feels like it’s just saying “oh look, we can do a four player game on the iPad.” The game itself got old after just a few minutes, even with four people playing. There just isn’t enough depth to really recommenced the game, unless you just really want something you and your whole crew can play together. Technically speaking, there is nothing wrong with Globetrotters, it just lacks any real depth.

Final Rating


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