Glass Tower review

Boom Blox, for the Wii, is one of the best games of all times for any console ever according to me and my wife. It is easy to pick up, yet difficult to fully master. Seeing screenshots of Glass Tower immediately made me think of Boom Blox, and my mouth watered. Sadly the only thing Glass Tower really has in common with Boom Blox is the colour of the blocks, red and blue. Glass Tower lets you destroy blocks, and watch them tumble down. The blue blocks give you points when you destroy them, and even more if they tumble outside the playing area. Red blocks on the other hand subtract points when destroyed, and even more when they end up outside the playing area. If you get zero points it is game over.

img_0194Each level gets progressively harder with more blocks, and intricate designs. There is seldom any destroy one block solution, rather I find myself scrambling to destroy red blocks before they leave outside the play area. This is a bit of a downer as it could have been played a bit like Boom Blox or Perfect Balance. Now it becomes more like POP and one of the games within that strangely addictive and Nacho-ish Pixel game called Oh Snap! That makes the game feel a bit confusing as it seems to want to be a puzzler, but plays like a poke what you manage arcade game.

One other aspect where the game is lacking is the fact that there is only one high score; it is shown while you play in the upper left corner. Beating this isn’t that hard as you can continue the game even after a game over.

Good points are the great physics, clean graphics and ambient techno music suiting the game perfectly. It fades out your own music even if you turn of the in game sound, bummer.

Try the lite version to see if this game is something for you. I feel it is a bit too limited in gameplay, and gamelife for me to give it a clear recommendation. It is your typical average iPhone game that is fun to play for an hour or two, and then you forget all about it. Glass Tower is not a bad game; it is just that it is a bit too average in an overcrowded segment.

img_0195Final Rating


Glass Tower $0.99

Glass Tower Lite

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  • Speed

    Ooooo… yes… it is a very interesting game.

  • Santa

    I’ve just got it. Really amazing! Glass Tower are awesome app!!!

  • Mateus Boyington

    Hello, I know there is not much that can be done. The internet is a huge open ocean, some make others don’t. A friend showed me this game after playing a game we published quite a few years ago. It is a blatant copy. So, I thought it’s always nice to give some credit to the original. Or maybe not. Either way:

  • Laci

    I must disagree with thee review – to me it is one of the most addictive and fun games on iPhone. I have purchased two level packs already… :)