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In some woods you get loveable creatures such as Winnie the Pooh worrying about his stock of honey. Honourable people like Robin Hood also hang out in forests spreading his message and loot to the poor. In the Glade cuteness and honour are far from the reality. The creatures in the Glade worry about finding enough blueberries to get a saw blade to chop the enemies to a bloody mess.

img_0326If there is a story to Glade I have missed it completely. The gameplay is all about avoiding enemies using the accelerometer, and once you have collected enough food you get a weapon to get back at those trying to hurt you. The tilt controls work really well, and the hero of choice is easy to get out of harms way.
New enemies are added as you progress through the levels. Each picked fruit spawns an enemy. Using the enemy weapons against themselves is a great way to survive. For example the little purple enemy drops bombs that can blow up his pals as well. Once all the berries have been picked you get one of 10 weapons to kill the opposition with. It is really satisfying to kill those you have had to avoid.

The music could be taken from a Disney soundtrack for a jungle themed movie. It is perfect for the killing about to go down. Sound effects are ok. The game fades out your own music before asking if you want game sounds or not. This is a strange way of handling the sound, and hopefully an update lets me play my own iPod library.

The graphics of Glade is really simple with static backgrounds, and zero character animations. This is a real letdown as eye candy can prolong the gamelife of any highscore game. As a positive note it is easy to see the enemies, bombs and pickups. Openfeint integration gives both online scores, and a lot of achievements. There is only one game mode, and as with all high score games restarting from level one is quite boring. More game modes, or at least one that starts you on a higher level of difficulty would be appreciated.

Glade is a fun quick arcade avoid em’ up adding a bit of revenge as well. The lack of own music support, game modes along with the simple graphics draw down the overall rating.

Final Rating


Glade $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: s.c.

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