Girls Like Robots review

According to this game I am true nerd, as I love girls, pies and robots.

Now I could write something crude about girls, and robots. Or rather about girls, and battery operated items that glow in the dark. But being a mature gentleman I won’t. Instead I can say that I do understand that girls like robots, or at least stuff that is polished and do as you say. Robots kind of falls in that category, and has the added benefit of not always trying to chat up girls.

Nerds like robots as well, and they absolutely adore girls. Girls, on the other hand seriously do not like nerds that much. Unless of course they need help finding a setting on their iPhones, or boot up a laptop they have dropped in the bathtub. This of course creates some problems, especially if you are going on a field trip with a bunch of girls, nerds and robots. You are in for some serious mood swings, tantrums and broken hearts if the seating gets all-wrong.

Girls Like Robots is a game about position between items/people. A seating arrangement game set in a romantic drama between high school youngsters. Of course you get a lot of heartache from nerds not really invited to the love story.

The gameplay is slow allowing you to ponder solutions without being in a hurry. The core levels are about keeping people happy. To do so you have to make sure that girls are placed next to things, and people they like. For example they like robots, and pie. Girls can stand other girls, but they can’t stand nerds if they get too close. Robots like girls, nerds but dislike pie. Nerds like everything, but other nerds. As the game progresses more, and more stereotypical characters are introduced making it harder and harder to please everyone.

There are also a number of mini games that approach placement in different ways. Getting rid of the ants invading the picnic has you placing tiles to bounce stuff onto the ants. The game manages to always feel fresh despite always being about placing tiles in a certain manner.

There is a love story afoot, and the funny animated cut scenes are quite entertaining. A tad slow perhaps, but you can skip them if you want to get back to the puzzles. Having the cut scenes introducing the levels are good for getting the motivation behind the puzzle. Of course the story might be a bit predictable at first, and some might feel inclined to skip ahead. As it progresses it becomes more interesting, and peculiar.

Placing the character tiles reminds me of games such as Joining Hands. You have to optimize the relationship between the different tiles. Their expression show if you are on the right track, as does the meter found on the left of the puzzle. An undo button is free to use, and it soon becomes integral to the gameplay. Maximizing pies, robots or kittens is key to getting it right. You can just slap all tiles down, and hope for the best too. This won’t get you any bonus levels unlocked though. All puzzles are rated in one to three trophies, and once a bag fills up you unlock a bonus level. If you got one trophy you can always replay to get more of them.

The graphics are really special in Girls Like Robots. They are perfect for the game with a warm vibrant colour palette, and cool environments. The tiles have more expression, and personality than some RPG games have had for their protagonists lately. Overall the presentation is really polished, and even the speech bubbles have a quirky edge to them.

The music might drive you nuts, or make your hips go crazy. Part drunken banjo, part Bob Dylan harmonica and a lot of energy make for a strangely appealing soundtrack. Sure I would not listen to it instead of my current playlist on Spotify. Speaking of which, the game is not keen to let me listen to my own music at all. A drawback in my book. Another thing missing is some voice snippets for the tile characters of Girls Like Robots.

Girls Like Robots is a quirky seating arrangement, or rather relationship simulator set in a high school love drama. It is perhaps the most serious game to be published by adult swim. It does however have a sense of humour, and despite not having anything fart or die horribly it is a fun game. There aren’t many games on the App Store with this kind of gameplay, and as such it certainly fills a gap between Joining Hands and Triple Town.

Final Rating


Girls Like Robots $0.99 Universal for iPad/ iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Turner Broadcasting System Inc. / Adult Swim

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  • rodgerodger

    I love Girls like Robots. When I thought I was as burnt out on puzzle games as I was auto-runners and physics based platformers, this game showed me when done right they can still be awesome. I love the whimsical presentation as much as the cool head scratching puzzles. It’s Joining Hands cranked to 11. A 4.5/5 from me!